By Alvina Adam

Travelling at every age is exciting, thrilling and a way of learning many new things. Whether you plan a domestic trip or an international one you will be exploring something new. Every new destiny you head towards adds something to your personality and is a way of discovering the world and yourself as well. Whether you are travelling with your kids or significant other it is a way of bringing you closer. The same goes for if you decide to travel alone, travelling alone can be your path to self discovery. If you have never done it, do give it a try at least once. Choosing where to go is a task itself, here are some of the best honeymoon destinations. After you have decided your destination there are always a few stressors which can impede any traveler’s experience.

Don’t let these dampen your spirits; we have some travel hacks for you which can make any trip fun, comfortable and much more relaxed.

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Things to Remember Before You Leave

  1. Look into accommodation options in advance. These days you can find much better BnB deals if you rent out a room or a small apartment than a hotel. The accommodation is cheaper and you will feel much more comfortable too, especially when travelling with kids.
  2. Make sure you scan your passport, identity card, and itinerary and email them to yourself in advance. Then open this email on your phone and download everything so you have access to this information even when offline.
  3. Before leaving call your debit and credit card companies and inform them in advance of your travel plan so you face no issues when trying to swap them abroad.
  4. When packing make rolls of your clothes, this saves space. Another space saving trick is to stuff socks and underwear in your shoes. This saves space and the shoes retain their shape.
  5. A little trick I learnt from a friend is always mark your luggage as fragile. This way your luggage is handled with care and is placed at the top and is always the first to arrive.

Things to Remember for Departure

  1. When preparing your hand carry or bag, make sure you check your passport and any other valuables. Keep them in something like a fanny pack to keep them safe. Second remember to carry a pen or two and whoever is travelling along should have it too. This makes it easier to fill any forms you get at customs or during flight.
  2. Before you board the plane check what on board entertainment options are there. Make sure you avail the internet service to avoid getting into a forced conversation with your fellow passengers.
  3. Always carry a water bottle with you. Air in cabin is very dry and dehydrates you more than you realize. Don’t just rely on the water they offer you in flight. Keep your bottle with you and top it with more water whenever they offer you ion flight.
  4. Use the bathroom twenty minutes before departure and before your arrival time. Usually the restrooms get busy just before takeoff and landing. Relieve yourself a little in advance to avoid this rush.

Thing To Remember Upon Arrival

  1. The moment you land, head straight towards baggage claim. Don’t waste time lollygagging. Save that for later, you will have ample time to do that.
  2. Use your debit card and take out money using ATMs. The ATMS will give you local currency and this way you can save a few bucks which the money exchangers charge.
  3. On your way to the hotel get some basic groceries such as water, juice and snacks. This will save you tons of money if you get these from the hotel.
  4. Make sure you have Google Maps or any other app like Yelp on your phone. This makes navigation easier and no local cabbies can fool you.
  5. As you reach your hotel do not unpack all your bags. Just take out whatever is necessary and then you can just take out the things as you need them. Unpacking everything makes it a bit difficult to put everything back when you are leaving and there is a chance that you may even forget a few things.

Things to Remember When Exploring The New Place

  1. Instead of relying on guidebooks it is better to research your location well in advance. Use the internet and read blogs which will tell you about happenings and events. Guidebooks only tell you about tourist spots and sticking to them hardly gives you a chance to experience the local culture.
  2. The same goes for your choice of food. Do not stick to McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. Instead eat local, it will save you money and also introduce you to new flavors.
  3. Also try to familiarize yourself with the local language and any traditions. Try to use this language. It usually works in your favor.
  4. Have a list of souvenirs and your shopping list prepared and stick to it. Sometimes you can get carried away shopping at local markets and later you realize you have burnt a hole in your pocket and may even face baggage issues.
  5. Also don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be stubborn. Eat, dress, travel how it is done in the country you are visiting.

Things to Do When You Get Home

  1. When you get home, no matter how tired you are, remember to unpack your dirty laundry immediately. You might hate it at the moment but it will keep your clothes from smelling like dirt later.
  2. Another thing to unpack immediately is your toiletries bag. Even if you are a frequent traveler you don’t want anything leaking and making a mess.

I hope you remember these tips when you travel nest. These will surely make travelling a breeze for you. What is your favorite traveling tip or hack?

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