Norwegian Nights – how the Arctic light delineates the world

Norwegian Nights – how the Arctic light delineates the world

By Alfred Stallion

The surreal light of the Arctic is stunning from a distance. It almost seems like it outlines the world with its crystal-clear clarity and pure sheerness. The rugged, sharp mountains complement the blue sky perfectly; and the green shades of the slopes and small boats coming into the harbor craft the most interesting scenery. Norway, a wild territory only the most adventurous dare to explore, is a thing of beauty. Those looking to try out something different this season and get out of their comfort zones should definitely give it a try. The natural attractions abound and activities will make sure that your holiday becomes a memorable experience.



The fjords
Norway is famous for its rugged, unexplored fjords. The natural reserves are packed with abundant vegetation and memorable scenery. Dramatic yet extremely calm, this experience will exceed all your expectations. To believe that the landscapes are so incredible, you need to be here. The most spectacular fjords are located in Western Norway. Onsite, travelers will be delighted with several additional wonders such as never-ending cascades and waterfalls, breathtaking glaciers, exciting food made by the locals and spectacular architecture.

In Western Norway the fauna dominates the flora. On your itinerary you should see lots of eagles, whales, and seals populating the waters. There’s something for everyone here, including big cities, desolate hiking spots, traditional villages and more. In the summer, many regions are fertile. The locals grow their own crops with fruit and they go fishing and hunting for meat. That’s probably one of the main reasons the Norwegian dishes are so delicious.

Geirangerfjord is a must-see. The fairytale-like fjord is surrounded by snow-peaks, majestic waterfalls and lush green vegetation. All around the place you’ll stumble upon impressive waterfalls; the formed cascades create a continuous display of rainbows that will just take your breath away.

The Northern Light Show
Whenever we hear about Norway we immediately think of the Northern Light Show. Is the Aurora Boreas real? Is it that spectacular? The lights seem like they’re giving tourists a glimpse into the heart of the Universe. Scientifically speaking, the phenomenon is rather easy to explain. The beams are in fact collisions between numerous particles that come from the sun; these particles are super charged with energy and as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere they begin to appear in different colors of green, yellow, purple, pink and red. The best time to see the Northern Lights is at night. If you want to be the lucky one, you should rent a car and go as far north as possible. Get away from the main cities and venture into the wild for a clear view of the world’s coolest natural phenomenon. Among some of the best places to travel to and admire the Aurora, we should mention Lofoten Islands – located 500 km away from the main city of Tromso.norway1

Wonders of the Midnight Sun
Norway’s spectacular Midnight Sun is also known as “the endless days” season. Basically, the day never really ends and travelers will enjoy bright light all night long. The colors are a perfect blend of red and yellow, which give the overall scenery a special allure that will leave you speechless. During this time of the year, tourists are more than welcomed to meet the Sami people far north or explore the natural territories in the Vesteralen archipelagos. Among some of the best activities you can enjoy here are trekking, whale safaris, midnight swims, and so much more.

Venture into the arctic territories of Svalbard and admire the midnight sun between the months of April and late August. Onsite you’ll be to admire the most spectacular glaciers overlooking the reddish sky. Admire the North Pole from a distance, take advantage of the pleasant weather and transform your Norwegian adventure into a memorable journey you’ll cherish for a lifetime.norway2

People travel to Norway to convince themselves that the natural beauties are real. Most holidays to Norway to see the Northern Lights take place between the months of April and September, whereas the midnight sun is best admired from April to August. Regardless of the season you choose to go, you’ll definitely be amazed by the places of interest, welcoming people and surreal natural wonders.

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Alfred Stallion

Alfred Stallion

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