The Most Common Event Organization Mistakes; And How to Avoid Them

The Most Common Event Organization Mistakes; And How to Avoid Them

By Jack Dawson

Event organization takes time, money and effort. For many brands, especially the relatively small or new ones, a well-organized event might mean the difference between success and failure in the market. Even local wedding planners are often under a lot of pressure to perform. With a proven working principle, it is easy to achieve success in any field. In the event organization industry, being successful means knowing how to both get ahead and avid the silly mistakes that lead to event failures. Here are some of the more common mistakes most people often find themselves getting into;Venue

Adopting a single approach to everything

Events might be the same, but taking a homogenous approach to all organized events is a sure recipe for disaster. Not all product launches or conferences are the same, so the first thing one should do is identify the objectives of the event. The plan to host the event should then be tailored to achieve these objectives. The people attending are also much different, so the event should not necessarily be tailored to deliver the same experience to everyone. One of the clever techniques many event organizers use is to allow attendees the luxury of shaping the events by voting for speakers, features or topics.

Networking opportunities

People do not only come to the event for the chance to experience the content on offer. Events should also offer clients the gift of networking opportunities. In fact, some people attend events primarily for the opportunity to network. With this in mind, do not organize an event without enough networking opportunities. Help the even attendees connect before the event through the creation of an online community. During the event, suggestions for networking include giving the attendees some time to mingle before the event starts, running speed networking sessions or making use of technology.Annual events


Everyone understands the importance of location in the organization of events, but there are many things that must be taken into consideration as far as location is concerned. Failure to visualize the effect of any one of these factors will likely result in a very unpleasant event. For instance, many people often end up over or underestimating the number of attendees, ending up with, say, a venue too small to fit everyone, or too many tickets being printed without as many being sold. Other important factors to consider include disabled access, transportation, accommodation and technical support capabilities.The Most Common Event Organization Mistakes

Annual events

When an event is a success in one year, the temptation is always to repeat the same thing the following year. Most people end up staying with the same or related themes, talking about the same things or inviting the same speakers. Without innovation and freshnesseven for the same company, nobody will want to attend their events. It is important to keep the program up to date and relevant. One of the ways to do this is to welcome input from the attendees themselves. Understand the industry and what is trending, and encourage previous attendees to give feedback.

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Jack Dawson

Jack Dawson

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