Where do you find inspiration?

Where do you find inspiration?

Frequently, people will say something is inspiring or ask how to find inspiration. Let’s first look at the definition.


In·spi·ra·tion: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative—Noun–Oxford Dictionaries.


For me personally, it’s an easy challenge that I enjoy helping others discover the path, as I can find it, in almost anything.


This past week, my long time friend and co-author of three books, Brenda Hill, and I took part in an intensive Master-class on living an inspired life certification training “Coach Camp” with Robert Holden. We wanted to stay current on our skills and be conscious of new trends and approaches. Many attendees were inspirational and just as many were seeking inspiration.


Realizing that not everyone can go to a class or purchase a lot of books, I started to think of how someone could find inspiration. Of course, you can just search the word on the Internet. But, I came across a wonderful inspirational blog: http://www.rpmltd.com/inspiration/. I like this, as it is real life situations, stories and events that we can relate to–not just theories or pie in the sky thoughts. It shows success achieved in large and small amounts through inspirational thinking and ideas.


Each day, they feature a different subject. I especially liked the BBVA – No One Can Hear Us. They tell about the campaign and why they liked it. In this case, it was local bands and local radio would not play them or provide airtime. It was all given to international mainstream well-known bands. So, in Lima’s busiest square, a bank that put up a soundproof glass box supported the Peruvian artists who were struggling and they played away. This quickly resulted in a social media reaction, which in turn, brought change. Showing the creativity and work between the corporate community and the artists to make a difference in Peru is indeed inspiring.


Experiential: Schweppes – Mix Your WaySchweppes-MYW-event047

Schweppes will be touring the UK’s leading music and lifestyle festivals this summer offering the ‘Mix Your Way’ experience. Starting from June to October, consumers will have the opportunity to work with Schweppes mixologists to create custom drinks appealing to their own unique palate. Schweppes will be at the Taste Festival London, Henley, Camp Bestival and Festival No.6 among others.

I like this, as Schweppes has been around a long time and there is such competition with other mixers, whoever thought this up, truly had a great inspiration. By working with mixologists in such a great setting to create a personalized drink, Schweppes with surely win them over.

Opposite of drinks would be pets and they are inspiring. My son and his girlfriend rescue animals and this feature certainly is inspirational. Even if rescuing a pet is not something you are going to personally do, I think watch them interact can bring a smile to your face and inspire you.

Online: SPCA – Voice For A Future

SPCA asked people to send  pictures with their adopted  pets  to show that as well as a past, the animals abandoned at their shelter also have a future. People added emotional testimonies alongside their pictures. Three of these pictures were made into tarot cards representing happiness, affection and friendship for dog, cat and rabbit and the many other testimonies were shared on the shelter’s website  encouraging others to adopt.


I’m back to food again, but then I find food quite inspirational in any form for seed to harvest, unprepared to plated, displayed to packaged. Ben & Jerry’s was ahead of the curve when they started. I was fearful when they were sold, the company would lose some of its innovative practices, but obviously, it has not. In the Weekly Inspiration #106, the Star Performance was “Ben & Jerry’s – Give A Fudge.”

Ben & Jerry’s have teamed up with civil rights campaign group Hope not Hate in order to encourage Londoners to register to vote in the forthcoming mayoral election. The ‘give a fudge’ activity was devised off the back of research that found that one in five are not correctly registered to vote. A sampling tour will dish out free scoops of ‘Give a Fudge’ ice cream at London locations most affected by voter registration changes. This will include colleges as the brand feels that the democratic process is failing to connect with young Londoners in particular.

Why we liked it:

The activity combines CSR and sampling in order to get the brand into the hands and tastebuds of Londoners and more specifically cynical young ones.


I have been at Ben & Jerry events in the past where they have teamed up with a cause and it works. What makes me happy is that take seriously what issues they support.


This next example touches my heart and one I find inspirational in so many ways. I remember my own experience with the Sydney Opera House fifteen plus years ago. Oh, how I wish they had the “Come on In” program then. Outside and in, it is simply beautiful. However, what strikes me as so special about this program is introducing people to explore and experience what happens in an opera house or concert hall and that opens up an entirely new world. I don’t expect it to change everyone that takes part, but my instinct says that it will enlighten a great many to expanding their experiences. I absolutely give this campaign an A+ on the inspiration scale.

Weekly Inspiration #110


Synopsis: The Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most Instagrammed landmark, however, only 1% of those who take a photo of it ever go inside. To encourage tourists to enter through the doors, their photos of the Opera house were turned into personalised real-time videos from staff inviting them in. Those who accepted the invitations were entertained with a number of VIP activities including meals, tours and an opportunity to try out costumes.

Why we liked it:

The tactical use of social media allowed the landmark to target tourists at the moment in which they were engaging it. A great example of using digital to create world-class physical experiences.



As I said in the beginning, inspiration comes easy to me, but I realize that is not true for everyone. My family, friends and trave are my best inspiration, as I can experience and appreciate all different cultures. If I am having a hard time, I say, “What’s good about it?” I learned that in 1980 from Sid Shore, when taking a class—naturally. Now it is part of my life.


I’d like to encourage you to bookmark http://www.rpmltd.com/inspiration/ and check out the blog post each day. If you feel the need to explore or be inspired a little more, look a some of the older ones, as there are some treasures and great stories. I hope you find this helpful and I do look forward to your comments. Please feel free to share what inspires you.


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