By Stephen Jenner

One of the important days in our year is Father’s Day. This year, it was celebrated on 19th June. On this day, we celebrate our fathers and what they do for us every day. This special day was invented by a female entrepreneur from Washington. Her name is Sonora Dodd and she accomplished this feat in 1910.

She came up with the amazing idea to support fathers and recognize their worth. So she gathered support for her innovation. She visited churches, relevant government offices, the YMCA and even shopkeepers to gather support for her idea. She wanted to come up with the day to honor her father. He had raised her and five siblings after their mother died during delivery. Needless to say, Sonora was successful and today, Father’s Day is marked every year by millions across the world.

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In 1924, U.S. president Calvin Coolidge indicated that Father’s Day would serve to create relationships between fathers and their children that were more intimate and close. Moreover, on this day, fathers would observe the complete measure of their responsibilities to their families. In today’s world, fathers play an important role in raising their children. They are caregivers. This role is especially helpful to entrepreneurs. They take immense risks, sacrifice everything and invest time, energy and money in starting andrunningtheir enterprises. Therefore, they often require care from their fathers. There are 3 ways in which respecting your father can boost your business and your entrepreneurial career.

There are 3 ways in which you can be more successful by recognizing your father. They include:

  1. Believing in yourself
  2. Asking for support
  3. Showing love

Believing that you can achieve it

One of the things that fathers do when they are raising their children is letting them figure things out with no help. They let their children figure things out using their own capacity. For example, when a child asks their father how to spell a specific word, he will tell them to look it up in a dictionary. This equips the child with the skills required to fend for themselves. These skills are very important in the life of an entrepreneur. They are practical, versatile skills that you can utilize in your career as you build a business.

When you believe that you can achieve what you want, this indicates to your father that he has accomplished his job as your caregiver. There is a saying that encourages people to teach a poor man how to fish instead of giving him the fish. Having firm belief in your ability to succeed lets your father know that he taught you how to fish. By caring and showing you the skills required for self-reliance, he equipped you for the challenges of life. Believing you can do it is a show of gratitude for the skills that he taught you while caring for you as you grew up.

Asking for support

Despite what they may say, entrepreneurs need support. The process of starting and maintaining a business takes a major toll on your mental and physical health. It affects your professional and your personal life when challenges such asdebt reviewsemerge. Therefore, they need support so as to go through the journey and who better to rely on than your father.

This is a source of infinite support. They encourage you when you fall short of your expectation. In addition to that, they are able to provide you with a different perspective when you encounter challenges of a professional or a personal nature. Therefore, when you ask for support from your father, they are always likely to help you. You demonstrate vulnerability and also indicate that you understand their position in your life as a caregiver.

Asking for support from your father shows that you value the time that you spend with him. This also communicates to him that you comprehend the importance of their role in your life. A father’s effort is important in the development of their child. When he makes it, the society is able to see him as an equal caregiver to the family.

As an entrepreneur, you seek financial independence. As you become more independent, your father is unable to know how to support you. He is capable of being your main cheerleader but you need to ask for his support first. According to scientific research, men communicate differently from women because their brains are created differently. They are a lot more assertive than women and it reflects in their communication. You should not assume that your father is aware of what you want. This is especially so if you are a woman. You should tell him exactly what form of support you want for him to assist you. In this way, you boost your chances of success as an entrepreneur.

Show and express love

It is a universal truth. When you show love, you are more likely to get some shown back. If you show love to your father, you are very likely to get undying support back. You should tell your father that you love him and show it as often as you can too. Not only does this create a stronger bond between the two of you, but it also shows gratitude.

During your years of development, your father is able to build you as a leader. He is also able to give you the self-confidence that you need to become a successful entrepreneur. In addition to that, he can support you when you need him to. Indicating your love shows that you value his effort. According to Anne-Marie Slaughter, providing care for you as an entrepreneur is a labor of love that caregivers give to you. It also helps you to become a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, you should say and show that you love them too.


In these 3 ways, you can increase your chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur. The first way is by believing you can do it while the second is by requesting for support. The thirds is by showing and saying that you love your father. Working together, these three principles will help you to be successful as an entrepreneur.

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Bio Stephen Jenner is an entrepreneur. He owns a string of companies in the service sector. He is a proud supporter of his father and he always encourages others to revere their fathers as a step towards entrepreneurial success. Magazines and websites quote his wise counsel on how to tackle debt reviews and other challenges that occur in the life of an entrepreneur. He made a valuable contribution to this report.

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