Top 5 Tips to book the best Desert Safari in Dubai

By Priya Ghatol

Anyone who has heard of Dubai surely knows that the Dubai Desert is surely one most thrilling adventurous activities which tourists or guests can indulge in. But potential guests are always confused on how to choose the best Desert Safari in Dubai. There are several operators offering Desert safari Dubai deals and price of each package would depend on the inclusions in the package. The Desert Safari Dubai price varies on the tour operator also even though most of them offer comparatively the same experience. But it is always the skill of the driver, the insurance, and the campsite facilities which would differentiate one operator from another. The Desert Safari and Dune Bashing is an awesome experience of thrill and adventure all in a single package. Some of the most popular activities enjoyed by all tourists and guests are the post noon Desert Safari and Dune Bashing followed by a delicious mouth-watering BBQ dinner. There are day trips also in some Desert Safari deals, but the scorching heat and temperatures make it an uncomfortable journey to indulge in. The tourists and visitors have the option to stay overnight in a camp under the moonlit sky and this is definitely one of the most peaceful and enjoyable time in the entire journey. These activities should be on top of your list on the things to do in Dubai. Hence, it is essential that the tourist or visitor gets the right package and more importantly the right operator who offers him several cherished memories all along the journey.

Wild Life Safari in Dubai

Wild Life Safari in Dubai

Note: If you have a medical condition which prevents you from undertaking such a journey, it is always advisable to avoid it. Also, pregnant ladies and senior citizens are not recommended.

Below mentioned are the top 5 tips to book the best Desert Safari in Dubai:

  1. Group size and the type of camp

Many international tourist or visitors who wish to indulge in a Desert Safari or Dune Bashing are not aware that there are many types of camps available; hence always ask for the type of camps which are offered by the tour operator. One of the most important factors in selecting the best Desert Safari in Dubai. Following are the types of camps which are offered in many Desert Safari Dubai deals:

Shared camp with other companies: These are generally budget camps and offer you a good value for money for those who wish you indulge in budget trips. Due to the enormity of the crowd, the hygiene, food quality, amenities and entertainment facilities may not be as per your expectations. So be prepared for all this as good things come at a price.

Large private camps: The crowd size is always much smaller in number than the shared camp, but the experience is surely going to give you more private space. But be prepared for a busy desert, lack and delay of personalized services, and long buffet lines. A number of guests usually vary approximately between 50 to 600 guests.

Small private camps: There are many companies which offer these small private camps, but you can be rest assured of receiving a higher level of service and experience a more intimate feel of the place because it offers customization as per guest’s requirements and needs. Ideal for couples, families, well-traveled guests who wish you celebrate special occasions.

Private set up camps: This gives you an exclusive private space in the camps. The number of staffs is very big in comparison to the guests. The experience is unique and ultimate, with utmost priority given to the guests’ privacy and the quality is exceptional.

Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Check whether the company is an exclusive safari provider or is a safari wholesaler

If a company is an exclusive safari provider, there are more chances of customization, making amendments, or granting special requests of the guests. They are more specialized in Desert Safari deals hence they offer a much more entertaining experience.

For companies who are Safari Wholesalers, the Desert Safari is one of the offerings of the company, so it is very natural that they do not likely to concentrate their entire workforce in the Desert Safari activity. The chances of customization are mostly limited, thus you may not be able to enjoy the experience as you would have liked to.

Also, many companies are most likely to have their own staff accompanying the guests in a safari. Look out for companies who hire freelancing safari guides. While some freelancer safari guides are excellent in their knowledge about the location, a majority of them are not desirable.       `

  1. Types of drive – Wildlife safari or dune bashing

If you are fit and healthy and love adventure sports and roller-coasters with no history of any medical condition, then most probably you would enjoy dune bashing. Dune bashing is definitely not for the faint hearted and it is incredible fun for adventure lovers. Although the dune bashing activity may last only for 10-30 minutes, it is surely going to give you a lifetime experience to cherish. If you prefer a much smoother drive, then you should go for the wildlife safari. The wildlife safari is ideal for families with children and older guests. These drives are much longer in duration and can last more than an hour. The Dubai Desert Conservation permits only two companies to conduct wildlife safaris inside the Reserve. You would experience a safer, more interesting, and visually appealing adventure in the wildlife safari. So decide on what you want to indulge in – a more wild adventure or a more interesting adventure and select one accordingly. There are several Desert Safari deals you can choose from.

Dubai Desert Camp

Dubai Desert Camp

  1. Reputation

No matter who recommends you to a particular company, the reputation of a safari company makes a big difference while shortlisting a particular company for the best Desert Safari in Dubai. Although recommendations and customer feedbacks would always be valuable and helpful in finalizing your safari company. It is highly unlikely that you may receive an impartial recommendation from the locals especially the Hotel staff. Do research well about the reputation of the desert safari company before shortlisting one of them. After all, if you want the best experience of the Desert Safari in Dubai, you will have to go with the best.

  1. Price of the deal package

This is the first question which comes to every tourist or guest’s mind. One is always curious to know what they would receive and at what price. Similarly, the inclusions and the dinner quality and menu would be deciding factor in the price of the Desert Safari Dubai deal package. Also, the reputation of the safari company would make a difference to the package. A reputed safari company is more likely to charge a higher price. There are also various types of safari you can choose from depending what fits your budget like the Ultra budget, Budget, Economy, Premium, Exclusive, Luxury, and Extra Luxury. But we would recommend not using price as the only factor to select the best Desert Safari in Dubai. Compare the inclusions and the reputation of the safari company before deciding on the best deal.

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Author: Priya Ghatol

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  1. Standard Desert safari package
    AED 45 per person
    Evening Desert Safari Tour Includes the following:
    Pick & drop servic
    Dune bashing & desert driving in high sand dunes
    Drinks and Mineral water
    Camel Ride
    Arabic Costumes for Photographs
    Henna Painting
    Buffet Dinner with Barbeque (Veg & non-veg)
    Tanura Dance Entertainment
    Fire Show (not inclusive in the Holy month of Ramadan)
    ATV Quad Bike (Optional/for extra cost)

    Desert Safari Dubai packages

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