10 Tips To Save When Booking A Hotel Online

10 Tips To Save When Booking A Hotel Online

By Daniel Clark

Isn’t it strange? We often travel to enjoy and explore this beautiful world, yet somehow we end up spending more money on our hotel stay or accommodation than anything else. Many people would rather prefer to have a better accommodation, but this money can be better spend for some other reasons.

Booking a hotel online? Don’t pay more than you need to. Also, don’t be shy asking for discounts or upgrades.

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Online travel booking

How would you drive your hotel expense further? Probably, you’d be using the search engines to find the discount providing sites like Vouchershops to score a keen deal, but there are plenty more ways to get a customized package on your next hotel booking.

Here are top 10 tips to save on your hotel bookings, though each tip won’t work great, but they’re worth giving a try:

  1. Stay At New Hotels :

Many hotels have introductory offers and discounted rates when they are new to get the first customers through the door. Explore the internet for various branded hotels and research for the opportunities.

  1. Book a room through Hotel’s website :

Hotel comparison sites are the best resources to figure out which hotel you should stay at, but they might not be advertising the prices available. Just check out the packages other hotels are offering and double-check the hotel’s website to find a better or discounted price.

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  1. Have a flexible calendar :

This is the most ideal approach to guarantee you seize the deals. Keeping away from peak season is prudent to guarantee you’re not paying premium rates and ensure you check, as seasons will clearly fluctuate depending upon the destinations. Additionally, If you’re looking a hotel that generally provides food for business travelers you may get a less expensive weekend rate or the other way around with B&Bs and other leisure properties with lower mid week costs.

  1. Ask if your hotel has an airport shuttle :

Hiring taxis to travel to and from airport can prove to be a huge hole to your pocket, so while booking a hotel, check if they offer a free airport shuttle. Like this, you can save money for a batter room.

  1. If you’ve a really brave feeling, book last minute :

This is for the adventurous people out there but not a really good idea if you are traveling during peak season but if the hotels are trying to give out the rooms anyhow, you can save a lot of money by booking at the last minute.

  1. Sign up for rewards program :

There are some hotels which offer rewards programs which may include access to a bunch of perks like spa discounts and free Wi-Fi. Such hotels also help you book your accommodation by paying less on your next booking.

  1. Find out what’s included and what’s not :

While choosing a hotel, you should figure out first the amenities into your budget. For example, a complimentary breakfast can save you to go out and the pools and games in the hotels offer good entertainment.

  1. Avoid minibar and the room service :

Though staying in a hotel, these services are the joyous parts but your hotel mini bar and the room service can rack up the expenses quickly. By avoiding these costs you can spend more on your trip.

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  1. Dare to haggle in low seasons :

This is the thing which works good in low season but if you’re looking to book a hotel room by calling, a little bit of haggling might go a long way and you may even get some free perks.

  1. Simply ask for an upgrade :

Sometimes, all you need to do in life is simply ask. This is specifically useful if it is someone’s anniversary or a birthday during your stay at the hotel. This might help you access some cool perks from the hotel.

Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark

Author: Daniel Clark

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