How YouCan Enjoy the Real African Safari in Off-Season

How YouCan Enjoy the Real African Safari in Off-Season

By Alfred Stallion

If the time has come for you to experience the thrills of great travelling like never before in your life, then it is the right moment for you to consider Africa as the perfect destination. It is the best recommendation we can make in terms of exotic locations that are great to visit both during and inoff-season.

There is no such thing as feeling bored in this wild land no matter when you decide to go there. Moreover, if you choose the off-season trip, you will get to experience the real African safari for lower prices and not be bothered by any kind of crowd. All you have to do is use your imagination and plan the most amazing adventure of your life. You have the perfect location for that, now start planning and achieve your dream on your next adventurous safari trip.



Gorgeous South Africa: The Best Off-Season Destination

South Africa has been and will always remain the best off-season destination. This is because it offers the same amazing landscapes, thrilling encounters with wildlife in its natural lands and gorgeous sunsets as the ones encountered during the season just for much lower prices. The advantage in its case is that the camps are open there all year so you can easily take advantage of winter months from May to July for an extended safari adventure.

Although the weather is cooler during that period, you should know that the animal sightings are even better then. You get to experience more and it will all cost you less. You could choose to accommodate yourself at Samara Private Game Reserve for example because they provide a gorgeous private lodge in the Eastern Cape. This way, you will enjoy luxurious accommodation conditions and be in the middle of anadventure. It is from there that you can manage to visit all the great safari locations and be amazed at the beauty and exotic sense of this place.



Take the Adventure in Africa to the Next Level

Moreover, you can also enjoy the real African safari in off-season by staying at the Remote Africa Safaris in Luangwa Valley. This amazing lodge area is owned by a former guide, John Coppinger. Who else might know the area better or be more capable of ensuring the safari fun you were looking for?

He will show you the most amazing and well-hidden secrets of the African wildlife and ensure the perfect and most authentic safari experience of your life. It will be like staying in a private home located in the heart of wildlife and nature. It is there where animals come to get insights on our life while we search answers about their life. The perfect balance in life and nature seems to be reestablished right there and then.


The Wonders of Travelling to Africa in Off-Season

Africa is an amazing location whenever you decide to travel there. You may find yourself visiting it at night and still get the feeling that you have experienced more than ever before. Even though many tourists choose to travel there during dry season, there are also some who are more into the adventure rather than focus on being there during high-season.

The rainy time of year in Africa does not mean less adventure for tourists. It only comes with the great advantage of lower costs. Furthermore, the wildlife is more active than ever during rainy weatherand you will actually be able to experience much more than ever if you go there in off-season. It is then that most animals bring young ones into the world and are keen on travelling and discovering food. It is also then that the sunsets are much better to experience. Even the countryside looks more attractive and perfectly lush in Africa during off-season.

Go Off the Beaten Track This Time

If you have decided just to try something new that will become the wildest travelling experience of your life, we highly recommend you to visit South Africa in off-season and get most out of this experience during the perfect Tanzania Safari. Never limit yourself and always be keen on finding the adventurous paths of ancestors rather than focus on high costs and being there when all the other tourists are. Go off the beaten track this time and you will have a lot to share with us when you come back from your thrilling African safari experience.

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Alfred Stallion

Alfred Stallion

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