9 Safest places in the Middle East

By Chetan Jadhav

There was a time when the Middle East was the center of the world’s economic and cultural growth. The internal violence and feuds slowed its pace but tourism again is bringing this arid land back to its glory.

It is a fact beyond doubt that the Middle East has always been the favorite land of the wandering souls, and no matter what, nomads will always be coming here for its virgin beauty, desert oases and cultural treasures. That is exactly why we bring you the 9 safest cities in the Middle East that are not much affected by the violence and are loved by tourists.

Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis The Palm

1. Dubai

The crowned jewel of not only UAE but Middle east, Dubai deserves a respectable mention and the top place in the list of safest places in the middle east. Regarded as the securest place on the planet, Dubai is a world of shopping, manmade attractions, exceptional hospitality and ultimate luxury. In spite of the fact that the government has incredibly lenient Dubai tourist visa policies, the city is one of the safest for the tourists in the world. The city alone witnesses millions of tourists every year and thus, makes UAE one of the hottest travel destinations in the world.

2. Doha

Doha appeared on the travel scene quite late. But now that it is growing, the pace is exceptionally fast. A modern city with skyscrapers and modern amenities all over, Doha has still not forgotten where it came from. The city has exceptionally well preserved its culture and heritage treasures and ensures that its art, culture and literature gets special importance and an adequate boost in its tourism promotion. The city is the capital of Qatar which is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world. With a large population of British expats, the city is loved by tourists.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

3. Abu Dhabi

Touted as the next big thing after Dubai in UAE from the tourism point of view, this capital city of UAE is no more just a commercial hub of the country. The city although has a comparatively relaxed pace when compared to its neighboring emirate of Dubai, it works in its favor and the tourists love to visit and take a break from the hustle- bustle of Dubai. The safety of the city is no concern as it one of the securest in the country. From the world’s biggest handloom carpet, the impeccable desert safari to the highest high tea in the world, Abu Dhabi is more than just the capital of UAE.

4. Istanbul

Straddling both Asia and Europe on its either side, Istanbul has a long, unconventional history of empires since its foundation in 1000B.C. The city was named Istanbul post the establishment of the Turkish Republic. The city’s bustling markets and narrow lanes intrigue travelers and the warmth of the locals can melt any heart. Although in the recent times, there have been issues but overall Istanbul still is a safe place to visit.

Dhayah Fort

Dhayah Fort

5. Beirut

The largest city and capital of Lebanon, Beirut is a treat for anyone looking for exotic Lebanese food, artistic museums, bustling nightclubs, and vibrant markets. The crowded city has its own charm with a riot of colorful houses, warm but busy locals and the continuous development work that speaks volumes of the government’s initiative to bring the city at par with other country capitals.

6. Sharjah

Declared by UNESCO as the coveted cultural capital of the UAE, Sharjah is the first choice of every traveler interested in discovering the rich history of this Arabian country. With a museum at almost every corner, Sharjah has a lot to be seen, understood and admired. Like the other cities of UAE, Sharjah too is extremely safe for the visitors. The city observes traditional Islamic lifestyle and follows conservative Islamic rules.

7. Bahrain

The country of Bahrain and its appealing capital city of Manama is not like other bustling metropolitan cities crowded with cranes all over. The key to its appeal lies in its ruggedness and the lack of the finesse expected from it. It’s still jagged and that’s what makes it a must visit. The city has a growing art and cultural scene along with increasing variety of delicious food joints and eateries. The city also has an expat population that adds to its diversity. The city does not lack malls but the people are not crazy for brand fashion. It’s like they have everything and yet there’s nothing in the modern world that can be called a weakness. If the Arabic gulf surroundings and virgin mountainous beauty is what kicks your wanderlust, then Bahrain is a must visit.

8. Ras Al Khaimah

A forever love of the outdoor aficionados, Ras Al Khaimah is all about gorgeous scenery, sprawling beaches, rugged mountains, sun- soaked dessert, sprawling desert oases, and incredible hot springs. This northern most emirate boasts of uber luxurious resorts with spectacular views of the mountains and the surrounding sea. A safe haven for the tourists, Ras Al Khaimah is a favorite weekend spot for the locals of the neighboring emirates as well.

9. Kuwait

A perfect place if you want to have an authentic Arabian feel, Kuwait beckons you for a small up-to-date Middle Eastern country that has not quite developed like the others. Although the slow pace of growth has affected its tourism to an extent that you won’t see tourist flocking the place, but it is certainly loved by wanderers looking for a more conventional Arabian feel that is somewhat lost in many of the developed cosmopolitan Arabic cities.

Each city mentioned here is carefully chosen but owing to the uncertain and tense situations in and around the Middle East, it is always better to check the current scenario of the place you want to visit and accordingly make the plan. UAE is considered the safest place to visit in the Middle East but other countries too are coming up in a big way to promote tourism and invite travelers from all over the world.

Image Credit: http://www.onlydubaivisa.com

Author: Chetan Jadhav

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