7 Popular Destinations with a Low Drinking Culture

7 Popular Destinations with a Low Drinking Culture

By Zena D.

Alcohol is a popular drink at almost every social gathering and can be a key staple of travel. It can be hard to escape the temptation of alcoholic beverages while trying to abstain from drinking. But as a world traveler, it can be important to consider a country’s attitude toward drinking. This is especially true for people who want to monitor their alcohol consumption when traveling. Rehab treatment centers in California, Florida, and other popular locations and worldwide, advocate choosing foreign environments that have less alcohol usage if you are seeking to control your alcohol intake.

In some countries, alcohol is forbidden and the consumption of alcohol beverages can result in legal consequences. America is labeled as a country with an alcohol culture. The Stanford University School of Medicine published their research on the difference of drinking guidelines across various countries in the world. In Iceland, one standard drink is 8 grams of alcohol versus Austria’s 20 grams standard. The United States averages in the middle of Iceland and Austria with a 14 grams of alcohol for a standard drink.
The study also found that differences lie in regards to what is a normal amount of alcohol for a person. According to United States’ guidelines, women can consume 42 grams of alcohol per day and men 56 grams per day. Conversely, men and women in Australia are advised to only consume 20 grams per day of alcohol as a limit. With this in mind, it’s not really surprising that Australia made the top countries of with low alcohol consumption.

World Atlas published the list of the countries with the highest alcohol consumption. The data was retrieved from the World Health Organization based on pure alcohol consumption for people 15 years of age and older. Among the list were 7 popular travel destinations that ranked the lowest.

Saint Lucia–Liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita: 10.83.

St. Lucia probably attracts the widest range of traveler types. It has lured adventurers, honeymooners, party goers, retirees, families, and vacationers to its lavish island. Saint Lucia’s nature wonders set it apart from other neighboring countries in the Caribbean. The waterfalls, volcanoes, and rainforests here draw hundreds of tourists, yet their alcohol consumption is low. Perhaps vacationers are getting wrapped up in the gorgeous oceanside scenery instead?

Bahamas–Liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita: 10.53.
The Bahamas is full of the folklore of pirates and mermaids. The popular Caribbean islands are known for its sandy beaches, friendly locals, entertainment, duty-free shops and food. Their nature attractions include a diverse marine life and wildlife birds. For someone focused on drinking less—plenty of distractions abound.
Portugal–Liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita: 10.30.

With its mild four seasons, Portugal claims to have the best weather in the world at a perfect latitude. The weather is perfect for those that enjoy nature and the outdoors. There are multiple beach resorts and natural wildlife parks to choose from. The low-key atmosphere and drug reform policies are sure to dissuade intoxication motivated crimes. Since the Portuguese government views drug and alcohol use as a public health issue rather than a criminal one, Portuguese rehab treatment centers gives California addiction centers inspiration in advanced recovery treatment models. The country’s investment in health and well-being is perfect for the visitor who wants to continue their healthy lifestyle while on vacation. For travelers, Portugal offers a unique blend of modern and Old World. You can get wrapped up in this culture, rather than alcohol-oriented activities, if you choose.

Australia–Liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita: 9.87.
Australia has more to offer than just the outback and kangaroos. It has always been well known worldwide for its fabulous beaches and nature sites. The Great Barrier Reef is located in friendly tropical water, which is optimal for swimming and diving. The majestic marine life will leave a lasting experience.
Belgium–Liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita: 9.75.
Victor Hugo was rumored to have written his famous “Les Misérables” while in exile here .Adolphe Sax, Hugo van der Goes, and Jan Van Eyck are Belgium-born historical figures that contributed to Belgium’s rich fine arts. Belgium’s 80 plus museums are the main attraction drawing visitors and artists from all corners of the earth. The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (Musees Royaux des Beaux Arts) is a must see destination. If relaxation is on the itinerary, the town of Spa is a mellow place, credited with the initial introduction of the spa experience.
Bulgaria–Liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita: 9.72.

Bulgaria offers visitors the chance to sunbathe right next to the Black Sea—maybe even at the world famous resort, Sunny Beach. Entertainment, restaurants, spas, shopping and nightclubs can keep the average person occupied. Adventurous spirits will want to explore the Devetashka Cave. Bulgaria’s Devetashka Cave is enormous with marvelous formulations and sights to see. The country dates back to antiquity with many historical sites that would give a visitor a story to tell back home.
Serbia–Liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita: 9.72.
Although small in size, Serbia is composed of various ethnic groups, making it a colorful mixture of cultures. If it’s the nightlife a visitor is seeking, the capital of Serbia has that covered. Serbia can be considered a hidden gem for travelers: there are many festivals to choose from, including Europe’s popular Exit Festival located on a beautiful fortress. Belgrade has booming nightclubs and lounges. Serbia is one the less expensive European destinations. Serbia is also known for their breathtaking monasteries composed of fresco paintings, as well as castles dating back to the medieval era. If a traveler is looking for a vibrant nightlife with a side of a fascinating history and carefully preserved, gorgeous medieval structures, then look no further.
Alcoholic beverages can provide additional flavor to a lavish dinner on the French Riviera or perfect while sunbathing on the coastline. For the moderate or alcohol-free traveler, the allure of alcohol is often a problem when visiting hot spots around the world. For more travel destinations that will promote a person’s usual routine diet or alcohol-free lifestyle see the travel section of Where and What In The World?

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Zena D

Zena D

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