Christmas Holidays: 6 Reasons to explore Eastern Europe

Christmas Holidays: 6 Reasons to explore Eastern Europe

By Alfred Stallion

Christmas is the greatest celebration for people from around the world looking to spend quality time with their family and friends at home or in special locations from around the world. Among the great variety of places where you can choose to spend this special holiday, Eastern Europe is one of the best ones to consider for numerous reasons. Let’s discover the greatest places to visit there and the reasons why you should choose these

Choose to experience Christmas in the winter wonderland of Estonia

One of the main reasons why you should choose to explore Eastern Europe for the holidays this year is because you can find yourself right in the middle of the Estonian wonderland where the magic of Christmas reaches new levels every year. Tallinn, the capital of this amazing European country has made a name for itself as one of the best Christmas market spots even though it is just a newcomer in this category.

What better way to spend this holy holiday than by feeling the festive spirit while visiting a special Christmas market that has so much to offer? Enjoy the good food, the gorgeous lights and the holiday music there because they create the best atmosphere to make you feel like part of a Victorian Christmas play this year.

Travel from the past to the present in the Czech Republic

Second on our list of important reasons why Eastern Europe is a great choice of location for spending the holidays this year comes from the fact that Prague is ready to receive new Christmas enthusiasts there every year. There is so much gorgeous Medieval architecture and layouts in this place that visiting their Christmas Market will feel like traveling from the past to the future in a single trip. The Wenceslas Square is filled with amazing local market stalls where you will find numerous handcrafted gifts to take back home with you.christmas1

Admire the most extravagant Christmas lights in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia is another great Eastern European country where Christmas is spent in a special way by locals and tourists who choose to travel there during the winter holidays. It is there that you can witness the best festivities and admire the most extravagant Christmas lights that adorn each cranny and nook of the Old Slovenian Town.

Taste the best Christmas food in Hungary

Hungary is the European country where you can taste the best Christmas food right in the center of Budapest. On winter season, locals there are all about planning great festivities in which hot and tasty food is the main element of surprise for tourists traveling there every year. Enjoy your time spent in this location by visiting the Christmas market in Vorosmarty Square and you will experience new tastes that you will treasure for a lifetime.christmas2

Perfect harmony between old and new holiday traditions in Poland

If you are interested in spending the holidays in a European location where the old meets the new in terms of traditions, Poland is the perfect location for this. What will you see there? Giant casks full of hot mulled wine and fantastic settings that will take you back in time when Christmas was spent in a traditional manner. Their Christmas market in the Rynek Square charms worldwide visitors with old and modern, chic trends that create great festive memories.

Feel the festive winter rush in Berlin

Our holiday trip to Europe continues in Berlin today. It is one of the most popular city break destinations in the world due to the wide range of cultural and touristic attractions it has to offer. You can stay at the amazing Swissotel Berlin where you can admire the remarkable collection of private artworks. You can also enjoy art collections in other famous museums and city galleries that attract tourists from around the globe every year.

All in all, Eastern Europe is a great choice of location for tourists interested in experiencing the Christmas thrills in a different way this year. Take in the breathtaking views of these destinations and create new memories for you to remember for many years to come. Find the perfect gifts for those who wait for you and get some magic back home from the Riga Christmas market this year.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Alfred Stallion

Alfred Stallion

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