Tips to avoid being Scammed When Selling a Car Online

Tips to avoid being Scammed When Selling a Car Online

By Yaseen Hamid Bhatti

Selling your vehicle online can be an attractive lure, but there are some down sides to it. Yes, it is highly convenient to sell your car from the comfort of your home, however, you need to be cautious while you connect with people online. Many people fall prey to the scammers and fraudsters who actually steal cars by pretending to be buyers.

More often than we would like to believe, there are many people who actually pass bad checks to the owner and run away with the car. These are just some of the examples of scams while selling your car online. Although, there are many success stories of classified websites, there are many nightmarish stories as well.

Nevertheless, you can easily secure yourself and your sellable vehicle from such people even if you are new to selling cars online. There are some ways that will ensure your safety and make sure that you do not get tricked. Keep the below mentioned tips in your mind while you are dealing with people you find online, these will help you a lot.adfadf

Personally Meet the Person

Talking to a potential on the phone and hammering out the deal on the phone seems very attractive and to a certain extent this is good. However, you must meet with the person before you actually make the transaction. Anyone who says they want to buy your car without seeing it cannot be trusted, since he or she will be making an investment by buying your car, it makes no sense for them to not to check your car before the purchase. This is the first warning sign. Anyone who is serious will want to take your car for a test drive or take it to a mechanic. And if they do ask that, always make sure you have someone with you while you take your car to the mechanic or test run with the potential buyer.

Never Accept Personal Check

You should never accept personal checks. Always take cash. Many of the tricksters and fraudsters like to pass a bad check for the car. By giving you a check, they get plenty of time to disappear with the car. If the potential buyer tells you that he could not get to the bank to get cash or a draft, it is basically a red sign that he is trying to scam you. This is because by the time you will know that the check has bounced, he will already have the legal custody of the car and you will not be able to do anything about it.eeded

Receive Full Payment before Changing the Title

Before you change the title of the car to the new owner, you should make sure that you have complete payment of the car. Never agree to sell your car on installment, until or unless you know the buyer personally, you should not trust anyone. The moment you sign over the title to them, you will have no right or authority over the vehicle. So, always make sure that you receive the full payment of the car before you transfer the title of the car to the new buyer.

Avoid Selling Your Car via Classified Websites

Yes, selling your car via online classified websites is very attractive, it is a risky way of selling your car. When you sell any car via these websites, they don’t take any responsibility for the payment, security and the buyer. They will just provide you with a platform where you can place your ad and attract the attention of buyers. They will take no responsibility for a safe and secure transaction, they will take no part in the selling process, and this will be all on you and the buyer you choose to sell your car to.adfed

When you sell car in UAE or sell a car in Dubai, you have the choice of selling your car to a specialist car buyers. These companies are very different from the dealers with “we sell any car” banners. These are the companies that literally buy any car, regardless of its age, condition or model. These companies can be contacted via their websites where you will find very intelligent car value estimators that will you an estimate value of your car with just some important information about your car.

All you have to do is fill in some basic information about your car including the make, model and year of the car, its condition, its mileage and some other things can be answered in one word. After that, they will give you an estimate value for your car, if you like their offer, you can book a meeting with one of their experts who will help you sell any car Abu Dhabi to their company.

He will physically examine the car and give you their final offer. If you like it, you can sell your car to them. You can take cash or have them wire money into your account. They will even handle the post-sale paper work to you when it is done. If you want to sell car UAE, you should consider these companies.

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