What I learned about Different Cultures of the Fashion World

What I learned about Different Cultures of the Fashion World

By Judy Robinson

Fashion has always served as a source of insight into someone’s personality. You can present yourself to people quirky, stylish, chic, and glamorous through your clothes. It gives you a chance to stand out from others due to a particular item that you are wearing. A person who is up to date to her style and knows what looks good on her is usually awarded the title of a fashionista.

My work as a stylist’s assistant involves me traveling to a lot of countries with my boss. These experiences have exposed me to some of the most beautiful and even crazy fashions in the world. I have seen people wearing expensive couture gowns in high profile parties. On the opposite, I have seen people wearing an eyesore for a dress. But what I may consider a fashion faux, someone else in another country may consider it as a standard dress. To be a fashion icon or to be in the fashion industry, you have to open yourself to new options and merge your own preference with the global trends. Some of the things about fashion that I learned are discussed here. I have addressed the three main components that define the fashion culture in the region namely; Shoes, dresses, and accessories.


Americans wear casual shoes such as sneakers to most places. Casual shoes are worn with jeans and dress alike, depending on the preference of the person. However, it’s really not the right option if you are in Europe. Europeans prefer to dress properly for an occasion. If they are going for a morning jog then they will wear running shoes. But if they are going on foot to a local bar, or to shop, you would see them wear sneakers and loafers. Women would even wear strappy sandals and some fashion forward women even wear heels. In the idle east, fashion has changed drastically as well. The gravy boat structured shoes are barely ever worn by men and women. Although some formal occasions require men and women to still wear them. Middle easterners prefer to wear shoes that are easy to wear so sandals can be seen as a casual shoe to go out. Women would be wearing strappy slippers to run errands as well. On the east Asian side of the world, shoes that look cute are preferred. The women even prefer wearing high heels on the street. For east Asian women, it’s all about looking glamorous at all times.


American clothing for women is based more on the cuts rather than prints, embroidery, and fabric. More attention is put into the way the neckline, sleeves and slits are formed. Dressing style in fall season includes cardigans and overcoats. European dresses tend to do just the opposite of this. Bland colors are used in most clothes. The cuts and slits are although important, but prints are usually the highlights of their clothes. Meanwhile, in east Asia, colors are brighter and more vibrant. It’s their culture to wear striking clothes. However, they wear tops that are more conservative and usually display as less cleavage as possible. The bottoms are quite high up and can sometimes even display the slightest visual of a butt cheek. In the Middle East, the women dresses are more conservative. What they lack in cuts and slits, they make up in embroidery and prints. Women tend to wear heavily embroidered clothes on formal occasions. But prints dominate the clothes during a casual day.


Accessorizing is a big part of completing your whole look. Knowing how to accessorize properly adds a charm to your entire look. Americans like wearing clunky bracelets and big earrings that could go long as touch their shoulder blades. Big necklaces are considered ideal with a variety of stones and chains. This trend is particularly more dominant in North America. Europeans are more subtle in their jewelry choices. They choose more elegant and smaller pieces for the ears. Necklaces are more elegant and delicate which compliments the whole look. Bangles and bracelets are more often small and intricate as well. East Asians like to be playful with their accessories and would wear accessories that are cute looking and colorful. This involves earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Middle easterners, just like in most things, go overboard with their accessories. Most of them wear small pieces of jewelry, but in formal occasions, big necklaces and earrings are favored.

What my experience with fashion has taught me is, that fashion can be different for everyone. If you feel like you want to dress differently than the society you live in, you are free to do that. Do not let yourself be limited to other people’s definition of acceptance. Wear what fancies you and be confident in who you are.

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Judy Robinson

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