8 Essential Elements for Planning a Cottage Garden

8 Essential Elements for Planning a Cottage Garden

By Victor Riordion
What would you do to make your place look mesmerizing? Of course, you will make it look more presentable and beautiful for visitors to be attracted. Cottage gardens can be an additional thing to make your place look more alluring. You can design your cottage garden with more creative ideas. Before starting creating your cottage garden, you must consider the essential elements for planning cottage garden you will need, below is the list:

1. Gates or Fences:
Since you are working to make your place look better, you must put in a little effort to get a few things. Make sure you choose the best kind of fences and gates to surround your garden with. This way, your garden will look more presentable. Secondly, you will know what the boundary of your workplace is. Most fences come in white color which appeals everyone, so you must go for them. Adding a gate will give it a sensational look where people could walk through.
2. Paths:
As soon as you are done with building the fence boundaries, you should proceed to make tracks. Making paths are essential so that guests do not step on your grass otherwise they will get damaged. You may add your creativity skills while making these paths. You can either make them with large pebbles or wood planks, anything that you like but the condition is that it must look impressive. You may also use best pocket hole jigs ( more information ). if you wish to make your walkway with wood. This will help in letting it stay in the same place. Your path can be extended from the gate to the entrance of your home. These walkways can be surrounded by small flowers to increase its beauty.
3. Hedges:
Now your exterior boundary is completed, you must move on to the edges where you will be planting your flowers and greenery. Hedges can be easily made by putting in smaller stones together and then planting in bushes such as Bird Cherry, Oleaster, Blackthorn, etc. (the list can be endless!). You have a vast variety of bushes and flowers which can be planted in the hedges. Hedges increase the beauty of your cottage garden. You can plant small trees or shrubs to enhance the style of your cottage garden

4. Structures and decorations:
This is another element that could be added to your cottage garden. This will show your inventive skills. You can make use of stones with different sizes to make various structures, or you could also use twigs to build up a creative structure. To decorate your cottage garden, you can put up pots made from clay, or you could also hang lamps. All these elements will help in enhancing the look of your cottage garden. The decorative objects can include statues of animals at the sides of the entrance.
5. Bigger plants:
Apart from adding hedges, you can also add more of some major plants. Hedges are too small that they can be overlooked. Larger plants will act as a background for your decorations, smaller plants, and grass. These plants can be Bellflower, Coralbells, Dame’s Rockets, Delphinium, etc. Be sure that the flowers planted in a cottage garden are mostly shrubs and herbs; they are not usual flowers.
6. Tables and chairs:
One more element for decorating your cottage garden. This will serve as a place for your guests (or yourself) to sit and enjoy perfect evenings with a cup of tea. Such chair to be kept in cottage gardens can either be made from metal or wood. Most preferred chairs are made from cane. It is because these are light weight. You can change the setting according to your choice.
7. Lattice:
Lattice is also an element that can improve the outlook of your cottage garden. The structure is made in such a way that it leaves spaces underneath and builds an overhead design of flowers and leaves.
8. Lighting:
Your cottage garden must have an item which lets you enjoy dark nights as well. You can add light of your choice. Usually, people tend to use hanging lamps for such decorated lights. In other cases, you may also use fairy lights.
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