Importance of a Well-Maintained Landscape

Importance of a Well-Maintained Landscape

By Charlie Brown

Today the United States of America has become much greener than before. Turfgrass has become a staple of parks and houses around the country. There are around 80 million home lawns spread all over the nation as per statistics revealed by a study conducted by the Ohio State University. 50 percent of those lawns seem to be maintained through mow-only practice that implies that they are not treated with pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation and they receive the lowest level of lawn care. As per conservationists, lawn care is of prime importance as some specific techniques could be canceling out some environmental benefits of the greenery around us. Turfgrass is known to trap carbon and such other pollutants.

Lawns that get the low-lawn care their average rate of carbon sequestration seems to be lower when compared to those lawns that are professionally maintained by lawn care services or those that are used to applying fertilizers several times every year, which is the best lawn management practice according to the industry experts. For decades we have taken many steps towards minimizing the adverse impact that our personal activities and industries have left on our environment. We have, however, come to a realization that a well-maintained and healthy landscape is certainly an environmental benefit.

The Advantages of Turfgrass

Lawn maintenance habits seem to have a remarkable impact on the capability of the grass in pulling out Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Moreover, there are some finer details such as grass length and clippings that could have a major impact on whether turfgrass hurts or helps the environment. Most people are in the habit of mowing their lawns really short. This could be creating opportunities for weeds that would, in turn, be creating prospects for herbicide use that could produce carbon and start harming the environment. The US Congress actually recognized the positive benefits of turfgrass to the environment. In communities and in urban areas turfgrass sod could help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, mitigate the heat island effect, reduce energy consumption and contribute to the endeavors towards the reduction of global warming trends.

Our turfgrass parks, lawns, and open areas:

  • Release oxygen and help in cooling the atmosphere
  • Provide a safe, comfortable and essentially natural setting for games and fun
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Control pollution by simply sequestering much more carbon than that is released through their maintenance
  • Purify, as well as, replenish the entire water supply

Our Environment

It is quite a rewarding experience for you and also the environment to create beauty within your landscape. Turfgrass sod along with landscape shrubs and trees, the rewards seem to be practically immediate. It has been proved beyond doubt that a well-maintained landscape and lawn could be enhancing the curb appeal boosting the value of your home by a minimum of 15 percent. Get in touch with experts like for lawn maintenance and landscaping solutions.

Pollution Control

Landscape shrubs, grasses, and trees are pretty effective in cutting down pollution. Landscapes are known for trapping dirt and dust from the atmosphere. A lawn that extends over 2500 square feet could be absorbing a considerable amount of carbon dioxide from the air, and releasing enough oxygen that is sufficient for a family with four members to breathe.

Soil Erosion

The mild strength of turfgrass seems to be the most affordable way of controlling water and wind erosion. Mulch beds or bare soil beds are supposed to be far less resistant to erosion than any dense lawn.

Nature’s Air Conditioner

The greatest benefit enjoyed by all is experiencing a tremendous cooling effect on the landscapes. On a typical hot summer day, it has been proved that lawns would be 30 degrees cooler as compared to asphalt and almost 14 degrees cool when compared to the bare soil. Further, the studies reveal that the front lawns belonging to eight houses would be having the same cooling effect as 70 tons of usual air conditioning would be having. That seems to be truly amazing as a typical household would be having an AC with maximum 4-ton capacity.

A Natural Filter

A storm water runoff, particularly, in the urban areas is known to carry several pollutants. Turfgrass is very effective and acts just as a natural filter remarkably reducing pollution through purification of water that passes through the root zone.


Beautiful landscapes are great for infusing a touch of beauty and joy in our lives. They help in promoting overall health and well-being both physical and mental. Doctors have successfully demonstrated that patients recover faster when in a hospital room with a landscape view. So, it is high time you understood the importance of a well-maintained lawn and landscape. It is a good idea to hire the experts to take care of your lawn and landscape.

Charlie Brown

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