By Marie Nieves

Some travel for adventure, others for history, business or nature, and some, on the other hand, like to discover each destination’s unique style. Traveling for fashion may sound silly to those who are not aware that each country, region, and city have their own characteristics which make them special. What makes Australia so special is the mix of urban culture, colonial character and local heritage. These three together gave birth to one of the most fantastic fashion scenes ever. So, if you’re interested in a fashion tour that will blow you away, just pack your stuff and head Down Under.

Melbourne’s Euro-Chic

The capital of Victoria, Melbourne surely is victorious when it comes to fashion. Any renowned stylist would tell you that this city has a unique flare, commonly called urban chic. The locals like to combine sporty clothes with elegant and vintage pieces and put together incredible, yet fabulous combinations. The culture of shopping is really significant part of the city vibe here, and every area has its own specialty. If you’re interested in cutting-edge fashion, Block Arcade is place to go. For designer clothes and glam accessories, visit Bridge Road and if you prefer discovering local designers, Flinders Lane is the spot for you. Melbourne is also famous for urban dining scene and great hotels (e.g. The Olsen and The Cullen).


The Attitude of Sydney

Almost 1000 kilometers away in New South Wales, stands Sydney with its irresistible attitude. The prevailing style in Sydney is possible to describe as something in between haute and hippie. It’s where floaty floral skirt meets an elegant neutral blouse. An inevitable stop for every fashionista in this city is, of course, The Alice McCall boutique in Paddington. And if you’re in for some retail therapy, you should visit some of the city’s hot spots like Bondi Junction, Surry Hills, Oxford Street and King Street in Newtown. And if all that shopping leaves you hungry, just head to some of the best restaurants, including Sepia and Quay. After dinner, get your beauty sleep in luxurious Randwick hotel, and get ready for new adventures.

The Casual Brisbane

Since Queensland is the California of Down Under, Brisbane could easily be San Francisco or L.A. Unlike Sydney, Brisbane’s style is far more casual, yet still classy. A pair of skinny jeans, combined with a white tee and appropriate accessories is everything you need to fit in the city’s atmosphere… And don’t forget some killer shoes. When you are ready for shopping, you can take your shoes to a stroll to Queen Street Mall, Queen’s Plaza, Wintergarden, and Fortitude Valley. Even restaurants in Brisbane are world-class, and if you’re up for some real treats, visit Ortiga, Urbane, The Euro, Moda, and 1889 Enoteca. Sleep over your shopping fever NEXT hotel or Mantra Southbank.

Perth – Where Everything Comes Together

Perth is the place you go if shopping isn’t enough for you and you want to enjoy numerous fashion events. There are always fashion shows promoting local designers and presenting local boutiques, where you can not only watch, but also buy. As if that is not enough, the very streets of Perth are catwalks on their own. The quirky and fashionable outfits gracing this city are something you can see on off-duty models during the Parisian Fashion Week. Mixing and matching patterns, boyfriend jeans and glittery tops, bomber jackets, back-to-the-‘70s, they have done it all. The locals love fine dining as much as they love fashion, and you will find many restaurants that combine east-meets-west and modern European fusions. There’s also a wide range of hotels – from funky to luxurious.

These were just the most notable of Aussie’s fashion epicenters. There are so many more you can explore, and in each of them, you will find something new and unique. It’s just how colorful Australia is.

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Marie Nieves

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Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Her favourite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. She is an avid lover of photography who loves to talk about her experiences. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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