Top 4 Places To Visit In The United States For A Perfect Summer Tan

By Karen Barnett

Summer is probably the best time for you to consider getting your natural tan. This is because the sun is shining and sharing its glow with you. The beaches are attractive and the weather so beautiful to resist. For this reason, you can either choose to go for indoor tanning or the sun tanning during summer depending on your preference. Whatever you chose, if you are in the United States, then the following destinations are the ideal places for you to visit for a perfect summer tan.



At the mention of Miami, the sun, sea, and fun are what comes into our minds. More specifically, the South Beach in Miami is famous for tanning and is usually dominated by individuals of all ages. This population includes the young who keep themselves busy playing basketball and the old who just prefer to lay down in the beach blankets and bask. Therefore, for a perfect summer tan, this beach, located in the downtown of Miami should be your next destination. On the other hand, however, the busy lifestyle today may leave you with less time for yourself to lay on the beach and bask. For this reason, you may also consider going for indoor tanning in the various salons and gyms located in Miami, where you will get the experience from professionals who make use of best indoor tanning lotions to tan your skin.

Southern California

This part of the United States has several places where one can go basking. This includes Los Angeles and San Diego. Therefore, while pursuing a perfect tan in Southern California, you may prefer getting out of town to the beaches or do it like the movie stars by paying for salon applied tanners or still choose to use a combination of tactics. The fantastic beaches found in these places are attractive giving you no option but to visit them for a perfect summer tan. Among the beaches you may consider in Los Angeles include Venice Beach and Santa Monica beach. However, if you are in the risk of skin cancer, you might consider going for the indoor ultraviolet tanning beds which are very fast compared to tanning in the sun. Therefore with the right spray-on tans and indoor tanning lotions, you will be sure to have protected your skin from the dangerous sun rays while at the same time attain your desired tan.



This state is another place you can consider visiting while in the United States especially from March through June. If you are considering doing a sun tan, then get to the beach between mid morning and mid afternoon when the sun is ideal for tanning. However while doing this, note should be taken on the timings, taking note of when to apply your sunscreen, to ensure that you do not get the sunburns. This is because sunburns will make it painful for you to return to the sun the following days resulting in failure to maintain your desired tan.


This beautiful city in the United States is a favorite place for many, and you can consider going to during summer for a perfect tan. In fact, a visit to this location for your summer holidays will leave you with a lot of memories. A popular destination that you might consider visiting includes the Waikiki Beach, in Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. From Honolulu to the beach is a walkable distance. In this beach, the sand is soft and beautiful, and the water is blue and clear. This view is very attractive especially in the summer leaving you with no choice but to bask in the sun.


In conclusion, it is evident that the United States has some beautiful places for perfect summer tanning. Also, they have provisions for everyone such that if you cannot bask in the sun, you can still attain your desired tan through indoor tanning. However, while visiting the above states for your summer tan, it is important to take note of the regulations put in regards to tanning. For instance, California and Hawaii among other states have restricted indoor tanning for minors below eighteen years. However, in other states, this may be allowed for children upon prescription by a doctor. Therefore, the next time you plan taking a vacation for summer tanning, consider one of the above places and rest assured to attain your desired tan.

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    I love the weather, food and people in Hawaii. I hope to be here in this summer to enjoy the beautiful beach and sand. Keep up your work! Good job!

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