Top 8 Sailing Locations for 2017

Top 8 Sailing Locations for 2017

By Diana Smith

There is no denying that, with the invention of the airplane, the world became much smaller and traveling became much faster. Faster, however, doesn’t necessarily mean better or more fun. There are still a lot of people who prefer the wind in their hair and the sharp smell of the sea salt in their nostrils. For all of you who share this passion, here are few destinations that will provide you with the ultimate sailing experience and reaffirm your love for sea.


Greece has a very long sailing tradition and there’s a very good reason for this – any country that has more than 1400 islands and shores on two seas ought to have destiny culture closely tied to the sea. What’s most important for you is that most of these islands are very beautiful and worth exploring. If you’re in love with the Mediterranean, ancient Hellenic culture, and good wine, Greece is the place where you will get more than 300 sunny days a year to get lost in.


If ancient Greek sailors were the ones who made the first steps in exploring Mediterranean and writing the first pages of European naval history, the Romans were the first ones to proudly call this water mass “our sea.” Sailing to Europe without paying a visit to Italy, center of the old Empire would be a huge mistake. Oozing with history, known for its food, and packed with beautiful coastal towns, Italy should be a go-to destination for anyone who calls themselves a mariner.


Although it was always somewhere on the sailing map, it took ages for Montenegro to realize its fullest tourist potential and become one of the hottest European sailing locations. But we’re finally there. What makes this small country so interesting and vivid is a clash of rough nature, traditional Slavic culture, Greek orthodoxy, and a healthy dose of Latin influences, that produces an endlessly appealing cocktail. If you’re visiting the Mediterranean, be sure to check Montenegro. You won’t regret it.

British Virgin Islands

And now is the time to leave the old Europe and go to the gates of the New World. The best thing about the Virgin Islands is that this British overseas territory was always blessed with tame currents and a lot of protected bays. In the past times, these fortunate circumstances made the British Virgin Islands a center of the intercontinental trade. Today, they make these islands a tourist paradise. Coral reefs, flood caves, luxury resorts, and chic boutiques, are only a spec of what the Virgin Islands have to offer.


Not too many people would expect the home of grunge to appear on this list, but, that’s the thing that makes Seattle such an interesting choice. One of the fastest growing cities in the United States is blooming with youthful energy, and diverse culture. Both of these circumstances made a very strong impact on the Emerald City’s thriving art scene. Even when you think that you’ve discovered everything, there will always be a new club or gallery waiting for you to enter. A different sailing experience, but a great experience nevertheless.

Galapagos Islands

If Seattle was the most urban entry on this list, Galapagos Islands are the place that brings us the closest to our origins. Islands are often branded as the place where Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution, but reducing this amazing place to that doesn’t do these islands justice. Even if no important person ever set a foot here, stunning nature, beautiful beaches, and otherworldly wildlife would still make Galapagos Islands an obligatory entry on every sailing destination list.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Australia is packed with stunning sailing locations, and Whitsunday Islands are, without any doubt, the crown jewel of this rich offer. What makes this place so great? Where to begin with – Great Barrier Reef (one of the seven wonders of the natural world), impressive wildlife, azure seas, beautiful beaches and 74 flawless islands… The list goes on and on. Just keep in mind, Whitsunday Islands are also home to a lot of bird species. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to contact Bird Control Australia and bird-proof your vessel, so you can enjoy your vacation without any interruption.


Even though it has always been an appealing tourist location, due to recent exposure in Hollywood, it seems that Thailand is just getting the recognition it deserves. One of the best sailing locations in South Eastern Asia, Thailand is a place that oozes the exotic charm and offers more things to explore than you can experience in your lifetime. If you feel intimidated by this abundance of new and exciting experiences, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start your journey with some more tranquil and isolated resort like Phuket.

Although all the maps were drawn a long time ago, the world is still an exciting place to explore. All these places we mentioned above are a great starting point. Where your sailing journey will eventually lead you, depends only on your passion and your love for the sea.


Author bio: Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a passionate traveler. In her free time she enjoys exploring new destinations with her family.

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