By Margaret Clover

Do you love to cook and are due for a vacation? If so, why not combine your love of cuisine and cuisine preparation with your next getaway? It’s entirely possible to do so thanks to the many cooking travel opportunities available these days. Whether you want to stay in North America or travel to Europe or Asia there are plenty of great vacations to consider. You may be wondering what exactly culinary tourism involves. The answer actually depends on where you are going and what kind of travel package you’ve chosen.

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A type of vacation that is gaining in popularity is the culinary cruise. Not only will you get to try the delicious cuisine prepared by these renowned professionals you will also learn more about wine and other spirits while meeting famed cookbook authors. If that’s not enough, there are also hands-on classes that help you sharpen your cooking skills. Cruise ships these days are almost like floating resorts, as they have so many different amenities. In addition to culinary chefs on board you also get the basics like a pool, spa, fitness center, entertainment, shopping, recreation and more without even leaving the ship. When you are docked in ports of call you can explore exotic areas and sample international cuisine depending on where you are in the world. You may not leave the ship for home a culinary chef yourself but you will have learned quite a bit.

If you want to stay on dry land, consider a cooking travel package that takes you into a culinary kitchen and teaches you various skills based on the class you’ve signed up for. From Atlanta to Thailand and beyond there are vacation cooking classes available. When you’re not exploring the area or relaxing in your hotel you will be alongside a culinary chef learning the tricks of the trade.

Culinary Atlanta vacations

If you are in Atlanta or plan to go there for business or pleasure, consider taking a culinary Atlanta vacation. Culinary vacations are getaways based around dining and cooking instruction. They are perfect for anyone who wants to combine a relaxing vacation and a learning experience. While there are these types of vacations all over the world, Atlanta has their share of opportunities for travelers. Many of these are one-time classes that can be easily worked into any vacation. Examples might include something like Culinary Boot Camp, Pizza Workshop or Winter Dinner Night just to name a few. There is something for everyone, even classes for kids.

Culinary Chicago specialties

For visitors to the Windy City there are all kinds of culinary Chicago specialties that should be sampled. Not only that, but there are prestigious cooking schools for chefs in training in addition to classes for hobbyists. If you love food and are in Chicago then you are sure to be pleased with the wide selection of cuisine and learning opportunities in the city. Two of the most popular foods associated with this city are pizza and hot dogs. This is similar to New York City, with a Chicago twist of course.

While New York City pizza is normally thin crust and sold in giant slices, Chicago pizza is deep dish. So while the main difference is in the thickness of the crust you can definitely taste the difference if you’ve been to both locations. Another food that is famous in both NYC and Chicago is hot dogs. The world-famous Chicago dog is made a very specific way. The hot dog itself should be all-beef, on a poppy-seed bun. Toppings include mustard, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle, tomato slices, peppers, celery salt and sometimes cucumbers. One thing you’ll never find on a Chicago dog is ketchup.

About the author

My name is Margaret Clover, I’m the chef and traveler. Whether you are making a lifestyle change or just need to feel empowered and escape your everyday life or looking for hundred different ways to prepare an aubergine dish, or how to choose a perfectly ripe melon or merely aspire to the pleasure of Mediterranean fresh vegetables and herbs simmering them up into something fragrant, the cooking vacations or daily classes can turn a short break into a truly memorable event.