Best European City Breaks for a Honeymoon

Best European City Breaks for a Honeymoon

By Katie Jones


More and more couples are opting for romantic city breaks as an alternative to the traditional long honeymoon holiday, whether to fit it into a busy lifestyle, or with a view to having a quick break from all the wedding stress but then having a long family holiday later on in the year.

The good news is there are plenty of romantic getaways across Europe which make perfect honeymoon city break destinations so here is a quick look at the best places to go for your post-wedding sojourn.

Top of the list for all romantic travellers has to be Paris. Okay, it might be seen as a cliché but it has the reputation of Europe’s most romantic city for good reason. From the views at the top of the Eiffel tower, to a boat ride along the Seine there can be fewer spots so associated with romance. From watching the world go by at a Paris café or visiting amazing works of art at the many museums there are literally endless options to keep you entertained and in a romantic mood on your city break honeymoon.

If you want somewhere a bit less obvious, but not too far away, why not look at Amsterdam, with its canals and bridges, history of Van Gogh, flower markets and host of art galleries, it’s a city which has much to offer.


Athens with its extensive history is a really amazing place to lose yourself in on a city break and transport yourself into a different world. Why not walk through the Acropolis and Parthenon and visit the Theatre of Dionysos and the Temple of Hephaestos? The city also has a historical and vibrant quarter with antique shops, tavernas and market stalls.

Florence is viewed as one of Italy’s most beautiful cities with its renaissance architecture as well as offering fine food options from wine to meat and pasta dishes, to olive oil. Travel here and take a walk across the Ponte Vecchio, and visit the Giardino di Boboli.

If you are looking for somewhere a little more unusual for your European honeymoon break then why not take a look at some of the Eastern European cities, for example, Budapest, where you can climb Gellert Hill together to get a great view of the whole city, or visit the Parliament building and the Citadel. Budapest has been described in some quarters as the Paris of the East, so it’s definitely worth a look. The old part of the city includes gothic architecture, cobbled streets and castles. It is also a spa town featuring many thermal springs in beautiful bathhouses – what could be more romantic?


For hundreds of years Venice has been the inspiration for the world’s greatest writers and artists and is a perfect escape for a romantic get away with its canals and gondola rides, not to mention its amazing churches and piazzas when exploring on foot.

If you are a music lover then the perfect venue for your European honeymoon could be Vienna with its amazing musical history. Why not take a stroll around the Museum of the History of Art or wander around St. Stephen’s cathedral?

Voted as one of the happiest cities in the world, Copenhagen is a great place to visit for a city honeymoon destination. Why not book a table at Noma – awarded the world’s best restaurant, or take a boat tour on the canals of the city?

If you want to go somewhere less visited then maybe pick up a trip to Palermo, the capital of Sicily, which features beautiful markets, mosaics and wonderful beaches. You can also walk up the beautiful Monte Pellegrino for a picnic like the locals.

The Italian Riviera is not so much of a city break – more a village break – but is an equally romantic European destination. Known as The Cinque Terre the five villages of Manarola, Corniglia, Riomaggiore, Monterosso, and Vernazza, are seated on a cliff edge overlooking the Mediterranean and provide a beautiful backdrop. You can even take a walk along the Blue Path which connects all five, and takes five hours – what could be more romantic than that!

Europe really has a wonderful variety of romantic City break destinations for your honeymoon from the traditional Paris and Rome, through to some less visited places like Budapest or Palermo. If you want canals, romantic walks, boat rides, art and culture, then Europe can offer it all. Narrowing down the choice will be the difficult bit!

Image Credit: Pixabay

This article was written by Katie Jones from Orla James.  She loves to travel and see other cultures, writing and practice yoga.

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