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Canada is often ignored by many travelers, who tend to end up exploring the neighboring United States instead. But that is such a shame, as America’s next-door neighbor is such a thrilling country to visit. It is known for its vast landscapes and beautiful rural areas, but its cities are also worth a look too. Here are some truly cool Canadian cities, which will have you falling head-over-heels in love with this amazing country.




Ok, so you’ve sorted your Canadian visa, which you can get more info about online, and booked your flight or train ticket over the American-Canadian border. First stop, Vancouver! This busy seaport is situated on the country’s western coast and is thought to be the best Canadian destination for foodies. The city has a bustling Chinese food scene, and its craft-beer breweries are also going from strength to strength. Once you’ve had your fill of all the local delicacies, head out of town to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and see if you have what it takes to cross the 230 feet drop! You’ll certainly need a head for heights!




The capital of Ontario, Toronto has plenty of sights and attractions to keep you entertained. Firstly, start your sightseeing at the Aga Khan Museum. This chic museum features exhibitions on the scientific, artistic, and intellectual achievements of the Islamic world. There’s a great collection of 16-century paintings in the museum’s collection that you should definitely check out. After all that history, visit Kensington Market. There’s lots of street food here, and you will certainly find some tasty poutine among the mix of food stalls!




Montreal loves all things arty. It is home to lots of buzzy festivals, world-renowned galleries, and exciting museums. Want to visit a festival while you’re here? Then go for the Francophone Canada Festival, which celebrates the country’s linguistic identity. The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal is the headline of Francophone Canada, and there will also be a vast program of theater and music shows to see as well.





Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, and you’ll see some unbelievable Gothic-style architecture in its parliament buildings. Not really into architecture or politics? No problem, there is still plenty for tourists to do. Take a walk along the Rideau Canal, and you will come across lots of busy cafes and bars. To learn about the entire country’s history and culture, pay a visit to the National Gallery of Canada.




When you are in Calgary, you may be mistaken for thinking you have actually landed in the US. This city loves its cowboys and honky-tonk music, and it even hosts its very own rodeo! If you want to stay away from the American influences, spend the day at the Heritage Park Historical Village, where you can learn about Canada in the frontier times.


Hopefully, one of these brilliant cities will take your fancy. I’d love to hear about your trip to Canada; let me know how it goes in the comments or, even better, send me a postcard!