Travel to Greenland This Spring!

Travel to Greenland This Spring!

By Alfred Stallion

Bored of Cancún and Miami Beach? Do Something Different, Travel to Greenland This Spring!

Are you ready to continue your travelling adventures this year? You might want to add Greenland on your wish list of places to visit as well. Why? First, because it is a unique location to visit. Specialists from National Geographic have named it Ground Zero for global warming. Next, because this region has increased a lot in terms of popularity in the last decade. Numerous tourists have discovered the amazing things it has to offer in terms of scenery, local history and rich culture.

However, this is still unchartered territory because not too many people adventure themselves to go there every year. The first time you visit Greenland might seem challenging but once you get there you will want to discover as much as possible from this gorgeous touristic destination. Let’s discover more about what you can see and do there and why you would like to plan your next holiday in this unique location.


Greenland, the Largest Non-Continental Island in North America

Greenland seems like a lost land in the far northeast part of North America. In fact, it is the largest non-continental island in the area. Those who have been there already have been really amazed by the beauty and the uniqueness of this place. Some have even said that they had not seen the world as it really is before they checked out Greenland off their list of places to visit. This might not be the cheapest destination to visit in the world but the magnificent scenery there makes every penny worth spending for a perfect holiday.

This location offers perfect clarity of light and features the real, raw power of nature. You will be amazed by its raw wilderness that offers adventurers like you the opportunity to experience real freedom. You will be able to wander there at will and choose various outdoor activities in which to engage. You can walk on foot, go skiing or travel by dogsled. Every experience will be unique and you will feel like you have entered a different world during this trip.

A Different World and Lifestyle in Greenland

A great surprise for most travelers who adventure to Greenland is to discover that there are no roads there similar to the ones they have at home. Also, transportation in the area is kind of expensive yet you get the chance to splurge on helicopters and engage in the most adventurous boat rides of your life. These will make every penny worth spending because you will live a totally different experience in life there.

You will be amazed to see the magnificent mountains that seem to protect the area all around. Also, the glaciers seem to be the natural witnesses of miracles taking place far away from human sight. Moreover, you will discover the most spectacular fjords there as well. Those who love to be active all day long, will have a lot of opportunities to train their body and mind. You can go sea kayaking in Greenland, experience rock climbing like nowhere else in the world and relax during a smooth session of salmon fishing.

The Greenland Lifestyle: Perfect Combination of Old and New Features

Greenland features a sparse population. However, locals there have become accustomed to seeing tourists in the last few years. They are now eager to welcome tourists in their homes and tell them everything about their local history and culture. The little villages you might have seen in pictures look even better in reality.

You will be amazed to see the painted wooden cottages that seem part of a different world. The small towns in Greenland are also worth visiting. Moreover, Nuuk Town, the capital is more advanced in terms of technology. Therefore, it offers the perfect combination of old and new features for tourists to experience during their special holiday.

In terms of culture, you will experience a unique blend of Spanish blood and Inuit which managed to give this place uniqueness. The mix of old and modern traits amazes all tourists who were not expecting to see something so hunting for their modern mind. The local culture is rich and goes way beyond the Greenlandic taciturnity that used to characterize this place in the past.

However, you cannot really experience the real magic of Greenland holidays without going there and feeling the local vibe yourself. This year should be the one in which you make a change of plans in terms of travelling and choose such a unique destination that will change your whole perspective.

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Author: Alfred Stallion

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