By Mahesh Kumar

Dress to enhance your personality.

Everything you wear matters.

What is Fashion? Especially Men’s Fashion?

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It is basically everything that makes your personality look good, in-style and appropriate for the occasion or time of the year. In regards to men, it is what makes them look handsome and trendy; enabling them to have a style of their own.

Everyone’s fashion sense and sense of styling varies, but that does not make it a good or bad practice. Some individuals have a good sense of fashion and some do not. This statement simply states that some individuals know what would look good on them and what is appropriate for the occasion, while some just style as per their mood; without even considering the occasion or how they actually look.

Tips and Hacks

Below are some fashion tips for boys and men who wants to be known as gentlemen:

  1. Always shine your shoes

Shoes are usually the first thing that a person looks at apart from the face of the individual. One shall always polish/ clean their shoes because a dirty shoe leaves an extremely bad impression on the person while a polished shoe makes the person appreciate the individual’s fashion sense.

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  1. Wear formals where necessary

Many think that formals are just for interviews or corporate meetings. What they do not understand is the impression formal clothing leaves on people. Formal or semi-formal is appreciated in parties and corporate parties et-cetera and is highly advisable because it not only makes the person look professional, but also helps the individual express a serious and groomed look.

  1. Occasion matters the most

What you wear depends on why are you wearing it i.e. what is the occasion for which you are changing your look. Be it parties, meetings, get-togethers and casual outings et-cetera, individuals need to wear as per the occasion i.e. no loose clothes in formal meetings, no formals in beach outings and no tight clothes during night-stays et-cetera.

  1. Be comfortable in what you opt to wear

The first and foremost concern is the clothing, accessories or footwear that you wear should be comfortable to you. Individual should avoid uncomfortable clothes/ accessories or in which they are not confident enough.

  1. Add a neck-tie or a bow-tie to compliment the look

The occasion and the clothes define the need for a neck-tie or a bow-tie. These accessories are worn to compliment the personality and be an add-on fashion feature. Formal Mens Bow Tie is the next big market because the trend of bow-ties is growing all around the world.

  1. Always wear matching/ contrast colors

Individuals shall always avoid mismatching clothes or clothes that are too loud for the personality of the individual. It creates a negative impression on people because the mismatched appearance is sometimes a big cause of irritation.

  1. Try to soothe the eyes of the viewer

Our appearance plays an important role to the eyes i.e. people like individuals who wear soothing colors because it calms the mood of the people and always leaves a positive impression on them.

  1. Choose high quality fabric

The quality of the fabric speaks a lot about the individual; good quality fabric is always appreciated. Quality speaks louder than the brand name; be it clothes, watches, shoes or any accessories.

  1. Headwear is optional

Some individuals prefer headwear to further compliment their fashion sense. For men, it includes hats, caps and bandanas et-cetera. It is a highly optional accessory and is preferred by a niche crowd because it needs to suit the personality of the individual.

  1. Glossy is not always better

There are a time when shine was everything people bought to wear. Other than precious stones and at times, watches & shoes, it is not advised to wear too bling-y or glossy clothes because it is too loud and does not soothe the eyes of the people. The men there usually wear precious stones and gold ornaments to express their status.

  1. Big brands are not everything

Even though, a large crowd is brand conscious; it is not necessary to wear only famous-expensive brands to improve your fashion sense or appearance. Brands do not matter much i.e. if normal clothes suit you well, it enhances your personality. With a brand, there is quality assurance & credibility and nothing else.

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  1. Always carry a handkerchief

Gentlemen always carry a handkerchief in their pockets at all times. Period!

  1. Button your shirt as per the occasion

There is a large science of fashion which explains when to button all the shirt completely and when to leave a few buttons open e.g. on a beach get-together, unbuttoning the top 3 or 4 buttons is acceptable while during a corporate party, it is advisable to unbutton only the top two buttons of the shirt (if wearing a bow-tie or neck-tie) and one button (if going without one).

  1. Loose clothes are not always bad

Casual outings accept loose clothes if the individual is looking fine in them while formal meets require the individual to be properly dressed and groomed.

  1. Always wear a watch and a belt

A watch and a belt is something one should never forget. It complements the personality at all times during both, casual and formal meets. It also adds to the status of the individual.

  1. Wear accessories according to your personality

Men accessories include headwear, bow-tie, neck-tie, watches, belt, studs, cufflinks, wrist bands, rings and bracelet et-cetera. It largely depends on the personality of the individual and the occasion for which is he is getting ready for.

  1. Posture is the key

The way one presents himself complements his personality. A drowsy-dull person is not much appreciated and usually found as boring but a stern-straight posture not only attracts others but also keeps the conversation interesting.

  1. Learn to take advice and notice how people react

Trial and error is also practiced because there are times when an individual feels that he is looking good but actually he is not. The way others react to your fashion sense and advises you can be the key to improving your styling sense.

  1. Formals are not always right

Sometimes, formals are avoided when casual is perfect for the outing. Fun and casual get-togethers are the times when casual is preferred over formals.

  1. Be color-coordinated if with a date

Men shall understand the fact that if they are going on a date, they should be color-coordinated with the woman they are taking out. It helps the woman to like you more and you both complement each other’s personality.

  1. Socks Matter

One shall always wear socks when he is wearing shoes. No excuses for not wearing socks is entertained or appreciated.

  1. Never overdress

Individuals should understand what it means to go at any place, overdressed. It is made fun of, laughed at, disliked and people even judge their fashion sense. As already mentioned above, always dress for the occasion.

  1. Casuals are sometimes the perfect fit

There are times when casuals are the perfect fit for the individuals. It is not a hard-n-fast rule to wear formals in corporate meets; rather, in creative fields, casuals are preferred over formals because of the attitude of the peers and when the occasions calls for it.


In the end, Attitude is the only thing that matters

Wear well to look better.

Fashion is an ever-changing industry which require individuals to stay alert and up for any trend that is introduced. It entertains individuals to develop their own trend and market it as per their desire.

Look Good and Stay Classy!

Image Credit: Bow Ties and Gents

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