Four Of The World’s Best Wine Destinations For First Timers

By Mark Davis
The beauty of a wine lies in its making and not just in enjoying it as a drink. More than the makers, travelers and wine lovers relish the beauty of this beverage because they get to explore more about this wonderful drink, meet the brilliant team behind the making and also because it is a totally new and different experience altogether. Someone has rightly said- ‘a good wine is a wine that tastes good to you’. So, whether you are fond of fruity Merlot, spicy Shiraz or buttery Chardonnay, you will start loving your favorite one, even more, when you visit the regions that produce them.

In case, you are planning to take a wine tour for the first time, you need to know from where to start. And the good news is that the world offers you with unlimited choices. But, beginning with the world’s greatest and magnificent winemaking regions is always a good idea. So, here are the top four wine destinations bundled up just for you.

Bordeaux, France – Credit Winerist

1.  Bordeaux, France

One of the greatest and renowned wine producing regions in the world, Bordeaux is a must-visit place if you are a wine lover. Whether you want to enjoy delicious table wines with the country’s finest cuisines or take home some of the world’s most expensive bottles, this is the place to be. While on your Bordeaux wine tasting tour, do not miss visiting the most popular wine regions- Saint Emilion, Graves, and Medoc. At St. Emilion, you can take a stroll around the medieval village which boasts of beautiful monuments and impressive architecture. While Medoc is a massive Peninsula shaped region which meets the Atlantic Ocean at the finish and is known for the finest appellations. And, Grave is located on the left bank of Garonne river and produces Bordeaux’s high-quality red wines.

Things You Need To Know Before Visiting

To make the best out of your winery tour, visit the wineries that produce your favorite wines. Take a tour of those vineyards and wineries, meet the creators of that particular wines and this will create some fond memories in your travel diaries.

Mendoza, Argentina – Credit Palm Bay

   2. Mendoza, Argentina

In the recent years, Argentina has also become an ultimate destination for wine lovers. Known for its exceptional wines like Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza offers an incredible experience of wine tastings, dinners and wine tours to a wine lover. During your wine vacation, you can do a lot of stuff. Every winery in Mendoza city will leave you with a unique experience. For best food and wine pairing, visit Bodega Ruca Malen, for free tours and tastings visit Bodega Luigi Bosca and to explore the extraordinary wine cellars, visit Bodegas Salentein. If cooking is your passion, get cooking classes at Familia Zuccardi. There are other wineries in the region too that are known for something or the other and not just for wine.

Things You Need To Know Before Visiting

For a perfect start to your Argentina wine tour, begin with visiting the most beautiful tasting room of Mendoza- The Vines of Mendoza. You will get a sneak peak of the city and wine regions and that will make your tour even better. If you don’t want to be lost among other tourists and enjoy a personalized experience visit in late October because from November onwards, the wineries get busier.

Napa Valley, California – Credit Roadtrippers

   3. Napa Valley, California

The top most wine tasting region in the world till date is the United States’ Napa Valley. It is estimated that more than 4 million tourists visit here every year. It is home to over 450 stunning wineries of the world. Wines that are popular to the region include Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc. You will love indulging in the beauty of towns, exciting outdoor activities, excellent wine tours, superb restaurants and luxurious hotels and spas. That makes a complete package for a vacation. The top wine regions to visit in the Napa are Beaulieu Vineyards, Beringer Vineyards, Chappellet Winery, Clif Family Winery, Chandon and the list is endless.

Things You Need To Know Before Visiting

Be mentally prepared as the Napa Valley is going to be expensive but it is totally worth it. If planning to visit with kids, then it is not a good idea as there is nothing that they can enjoy. It is advised that first timers should do a little bit of more research before heading to this place which is no less than a paradise.    

   4. Cape Town, South Africa

Looking at the mountains enjoying top wine tastings, indulging in mind-blowing food pairing sessions, or staying in a thatched cottage overlooking wines, here in Cape Town, you can eat, drink and stay in a way like never before. Wines are comparatively inexpensive and you can buy the city’s exclusive wine bottles in prices as low as £3. Amongst the many wine-producing regions of Cape Town, some destinations stand apart. Like, Groot Constantia, one of the oldest wine farms of Cape Town offers breath-taking views and ultimate wines and others like- Stellenbosch estate vineyards and Vergelegen boasting of a picturesque beauty, La Motte, a French-influenced vineyard known for its historical beauty, and many more. About 40 km to the east of Cape Town, lay a series of valleys called Cape Winelands known for producing fine quality Chardonnay, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Things You Need To Know Before Visiting

You can start with Stellenbosch wine route if you are specifically visiting for wines. And, if not, then you should because Cape Town is known for its excellent wines. Opt for a wine tram for an adventurous and unforgettable wine tour.


Each of these have something unique to offer to a wine lover and a traveler. Doesn’t matter, whether you want to go on a relaxing vacation or to a romantic weekend getaway, these destinations will not disappoint you. You just need to know the perfect timing of the year to visit when you can savor the magical wines and lose yourself to the beauty lovely wine destinations.

Author: Mark Davis

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