How to Properly Clean Tiles and Countertops

How to Properly Clean Tiles and Countertops

By George Day

Not only do a clean and shiny kitchen looks elegant and fresh to look at but it can also exude positive feeling among those who will see it. But it’s a sure thing a daily deep cleaning is not feasible, right? At best, it is an unrealistic and unnecessary routine chore.

So here’s a few guidelines on how to mindfully clean your kitchen tiles and countertops, all for the purpose of making your job even easier.

Cleaning Countertops

Elle Décor Magazine’s staff noted that it is best to use a spray made of warm water and a mild liquid dish detergent when cleaning countertops. It is also important that every after your use of the food prep areas, you should lightly clean it. Best of all, dry the counter to prevent bacteria growth out of the moist in the surface of the countertops.

Best choice for cleaners? The staff of Elle Décor thought the use of nonabrasive cleaners and sponges are necessary when cleaning countertops. Moreover, you can also settle to use microfiber towels because they’re geared to grab food and dirt better than other materials available in store.

When it comes to cleaning countertops made out of wood, concrete, natural stone, and engineered quartz, you can use the most basic mix: soap and water. All you need is to spray it to the materials mentioned above.

For countertops made of wood, better spare it of vinegar because it is powerful enough to dissolve the glue that holds the wood. Bleach or ammonia-based solutions should never be used to clean concrete countertops since they may damage the sealant and dull the finish. When it comes to glass countertops, just settle with a nonabrasive glass cleaner.



How about countertops made of natural stones? Stains and spills can be pretty annoying and extra care must be applied when it comes cleaning them. Stones can be porous so immediately after a liquid spill or stain the countertops, homeowners should use microfiber cloth to wipe away the dirts or etching.

Do not mix too much soap in your solution when cleaning the counter. Use wet sponge to wipe down stains or spills with a mild soap-and-water mixture. Dry with a towel the cleaned area afterwards.

Carefully read the labels of the solution you will use if they contain ammonia or anything acidic because such can dull the surface of natural stone tiles. Worst, such can leave stains forever.

Another rule of thumb is to always consult with your countertop provider or supplier on what cleaning solution you can apply.

Granite Tiles Cleaning

 Knowing how to clean granite floors is important, especially so because these are natural materials that require special attention.

Typically, granite or marble floorings often last years and years because not only are these materials hard and durable, they are also aesthetically pleasing. Bathrooms that use natural materials can provide a truly stunning feel because they can turn any room into amazing spaces.

However, since these natural materials can be damaged by conventional cleaning materials. Even so, cleaning them is quite simple and well worth taking the time off to maintain a good condition for these materials on your wall or floor.

To tackle dirt and scuff marks, you will need to follow these two steps:

  1. Know how to spot clean the floor. Apply a mild liquid dishwashing soap or marble-cleaning product. Make sure the solution is pH neutral and used with a soft microfiber cloth, along with a small amount of cold, clean water. Before proceeding, test your product on a small, inconspicuous area first.
  2. Gently rub the stain or scuff in the direction of the grain in straight lines. But don’t scrub in a circular motion as the floor could be damaged immensely.
  3. Once the area is cleaned already, leaving no more mark or stain, buff with a dry cloth to dry the area and bring up the shine.
  4. Use a dry, clean microfiber cloth to buff the floor in order to bring up the shine. Letting the granite tiles dry on its own may cause water marks to form.

Author: George Day

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