Pressure Washing: Why Should You Get It Done?

Pressure Washing: Why Should You Get It Done?

By Sangeeta Chaurasia

The exterior of your home consistently stays exposed to dirt, filth, grim and harsh elements. Not just natural elements but due to incessant human-made activities; the outside surface of home degrades and decolors. As a result, your property loses its charm as well as value. It doesn’t look as appealing as it did when you have possessed it. You may easily notice an accumulation of dirt on siding, roof, corners and sidewalk; and you know you cannot wash it on your own.

It is the time to give the exterior of your home a good pressure washing. The process involves applying a steady, fast stream directly to the surface and comes with a lot of benefits.

Here are a few advantages of pressure washing which we have collected after contacting a few residential pressure washing services in Los Angeles.

Extra Clean

No matter how hard you scrub, when it comes to powerful cleaning, pressure washing is what you need. Needless to say, you will be amazed at the results. The dirt, mildew, cobweb and other debris embedded to your house’s exterior will disappear. Pressure washing is strong enough to remove even the slightest trace of molds from sides and shingles which is a major health concern.

Increases value of your property

Pressure washing is widely considered as one of the most affordable ways to increase the value of your property. Of course, getting rid of all dirt and grim will make your house attractive, raising its value. But have you ever thought how much? According to some experts, a good cleaning may benefit you an additional $10,000 to $15,000. Well, pretty large!

Decrease cost of exterior repairs

Cleaning obviously helps to increase the lifespan of a house. In a nutshell, elimination of dirt cuts down rot and premature decay, thus reducing the need of repairs. In the longer run, you can use more of your driveway and sidings. In addition, pressure washing doesn’t put a hole in your pocket. The affordable process costs much less than making any repair.

Increases beauty of house

The cleaner a house, the better is it to look at. Pressure washing at least once a year enhances a home’s exterior appeal. It brightens the driveway, sidewalk, porches and surrounding. Plus, a professional pressure washing expert can easily access roofs and gutters which you can’t. The entire process makes your property thoroughly clean like floor clean.

Prevents health issues

Exposure of your family to mold, dirt, mildew may pose a threat to their health. The longer these elements sit in your house, the more potential is the threat. Getting the outer surface, porch, patio and roof regularly cleaned is not a bad idea.

Things to take care while pressure washing your home

Water & Electricity

You will obviously get wet while pressure washing and it may put you at risk of receiving an electric shock from exterior outlets and wires. Therefore, check overhead thoroughly for power lines. Avoid pressure washing near electrical service entrance cable of the house.

Stand firm

Operating a pressure wash with both hands while remaining in standing position on a ladder is one of the dangerous parts of pressure washing task. Make sure that you are comfortable with the ladder, otherwise hire a professional.

Pressure washing comes with multiple benefits; however, this task is a not as easy as it looks. Therefore, unless you are an expert washer, it is advisable to hire a professional. Follow the safety tips and do not harm yourself in the process.

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Author: Sangeeta Chaurasia

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