The Only Margarita You Should Order This Cinco de Mayo

The Only Margarita You Should Order This Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate and order a margarita like you know what you’re doing

April 2017 – Contrary to popular belief, celebrating Cinco de Mayo is not synonymous with taking down cringe-worthy well tequila shots and margaritas while wearing cheap sombreros. There are ways to celebrate and upgrade the holiday’s traditional cocktail while limiting the Seis de Mayo hangover.

Meet the Imperial Margarita: a margarita fit for an emperor, made with 100% agave tequila, lime juice, agave nectar and the “secret sauce” – Mandarine Napoleon, a bold blend of 10-year aged cognac and exquisite mandarins resulting in a rich mandarine orange liqueur.

For those who weren’t previously familiar – it’s okay we’ll forgive you this time – here’s a look at other frequently ordered margaritas and what the bartender thinks.


1. Frozen Margarita

You’re not here for the cocktails, you’re here for the party. You’re not afraid to dance in the crowd and are immune to brain freezes.

2. Fruity Margarita

You know how to vacation and love spending time by a pool or an ocean. Your hangovers have not hit their maximum potential. You’re not drinking for the spirit, you’re not even sure if you like tequila, but bring on the syrup!

3. Spicy Margarita

You are a people person, you will make conversation with anyone, and you love leaving your friends to make new ones. You enjoy being the life of the party, but you also enjoy that the spiciness masks the booze.

4. A Daisy

You don’t love tequila and don’t give into fake holidays. You’re more of a gin person, but like the idea of a margarita. Rutte Celery Gin really pleases your palate – it’s like a “healthy” margarita, it has celery.

5. Imperial Margarita

You are sophisticated and in the know. You are always down to have a good time, but will not sacrifice quality; you know what you like. You appreciate premium spirits and ingredients in your cocktails. You are a trendsetter, your friends look to you for recommendations for the best new thing. In four words: You are not basic.

Now you know.

Here’s a list of a few in-the-know bars around the country serving up the Imperial Margarita.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Parson’s Chicken & Fish; Best Intentions; La Casa De Isaac & Moishe

DALLAS, TEXAS – Mesa Restaurant

HOUSTON, TEXAS -La Grange; Mr. Sombrero (2 locations); Brennen’s

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Salazar; Far Bar Little Tokyo (Downtown Los Angeles)

MIAMI, FLORIDA – The Broken Shaker; The Anderson

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Galaxy Taco (La Jolla, San Diego)

And here’s how to impress your friends and make an Imperial Margarita at home:


  • 1 pt. Mandarine Napoléon

  • 2 pts. 100% Agave Tequila

  • 1 pt. Fresh Lime Juice

  • .5 pt. Agave Nectar

Method: Shake all ingredients and strain into a margarita glass or over fresh ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a salt rim and lime wheel.

About Mandarine Napoléon

Mandarine Napoléon (SRP $37.50) is an exquisite, well-balanced blend of mandarins and refined 10-year-old aged cognac. Dating back to the early 1800s and its roots stemming from the hands of Napoléon Bonaparte, the liqueur’s history is as rich as its distinctive flavor.  The drink was custom made for Napoléon Bonaparte after the emperor came across the chemist Antoine-François de Fourcroy, known for his extraordinary skill of distilling. It was not until 1892, after the two had died, that the liqueur was introduced to the public.  Mandarine Napoléon is currently found in well over 100 countries and relaunched in United States in 2011. Mandarine Napoléon is the first liqueur composed of mandarins and cognac, permitting a smooth taste, as opposed to the sour flavor encountered in other citrus-based liqueurs.  Mandarine Napoléon attributes its well-balanced and smooth palate to the addition of a variety of spices and plants. When enjoying Mandarine Napoléon, you can pick up hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and cardamom.The liqueur is composed of only natural ingredients.

Mandarine Napoléon has earned numerous awards and praise, including a 5-star-rating by Simon Difford of Class Magazine, 94 points from Wine Enthusiast’s February 2012 Buying Guide, a Spirits Gold Medal at WSWA Tasting Competition 2013, an International Craft Awards 2013 Gold Medal, a Gold Medal at the 2013 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards in the Fruit Liqueur category, and a Gold Medal and Best in Category Award for Liqueurs at the 2013 San Diego Spirits Festival International Spirits Competition. | |

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