Tips for South African safari Perfect Snapshots

Tips for South African safari Perfect Snapshots

By Alfred Stallion

Top tips for going on a South African safari to catch the perfect snapshot.

South Africa is a genuine wonderland, with things to do and places to see for everyone. Safaris are extremely popular because you don’t get the chance to see real life elephants and all sorts of wild animals wandering through their natural habitat every day. South Africa is a photographer’s heaven, and most pictures and videos caught on camera are truly unbelievable. Does a South African safari sound appealing? If yes, read on to find out more tips on how to enjoy an unforgettable adventure and immortalize every moment with a snapshot.

Set your priorities straight – choose your destinations properly

Before venturing into the wild and explore the ins and outs of South Africa, it might be a good idea to choose your destinations. The country is vast and extremely diversified. Since you won’t have the time to see everything in a very short interval, it’s best to have a list with places you want to see the most. Prioritize and cross check the following:

  • Table Mountain – Cape Town’s “guardian angel” is a very accessible mountain peak to climb and explore. The trekking routes are quite accessible, and the panorama of the city from the top is absolutely magnificent. You can always get to the plateau with cable car, if trekking is not your thing
  • Constantia Valley – South Africa is famous for its vineyards. The wine is incredible, too. Constantia Valley is a major attraction of the country, where most travelers come to relax, admire the surroundings, and just enjoy the lush amenities and mesmerizing scenery.
  • Hluhuwe and Imfolozi National Park – an excellent place to go on a safari. In fact, the national park is home to South Africa’s oldest game reserve. On site, you can admire the beautiful black and white rhinos, as well as the breathtaking surroundings.

Book flights and accommodation in advance

If you want to enjoy the best safari trip to South Africa, you should book accommodation well in advance. Most resorts are located in private reserves; they offer incredible amenities and facilities, however they can be a little expensive. To cut back on the cost, we recommend that you call them with at least 4 months in advance. In the off-season, you have even better chances of settling on a good bargain.

Invest in a high-end camera

A South African safari trip will definitely leave a mark on your brain. But at the same time, you should aim at immortalizing those moments with a camera. Cape Town, Durban, and Garden Route are places you don’t get to see every day. If you can’t afford to invest in an expensive camera, borrow one from a friend. Why we recommend cameras? Well, because smartphones are too sensitive. South African weather can be very tricky, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Guided tours

There are lots guided tours you can opt for to make sure that your South African adventure becomes a memorable experience. Skilled travel guides will know exactly where to take you and what to show you, based on what preferences you have. There are public and private safari tours available. The latter ones are more suitable (even though they can be a little more expensive) because they will speak directly at you and at your family. You can ask questions and get to know more about South Africa’s incredible culture, customs, and traditions.

Self-guided tours via jeep or ATV

Renting a car or an ATV is even better than exploring South Africa with a tour guide. It is the perfect chance to go see exactly the places you want to catch on camera. But, before departure settle on an itinerary. Ask at the hotel is the areas are safe, and have plenty of water with you; a map is recommended even though most cars have GPS. Book your trip in advance and get to know your itinerary. Some areas may be a little rugged, especially on a safari. In this case, the best type of vehicle is a 4×4.

Truth be told, you can’t not fall in love with South Africa. It’s the perfect destination for an amazing safari. Get the best snapshot of the coolest elephants; chase after the game migration or just admire the wildlife. Whatever you do, just make sure to enjoy every second!

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Alfred Stallion

Author: Alfred Stallion

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