Tips to Choose The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Tips to Choose The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Pets provide the best companionship. Keeping dogs and cats or any other pet means that you have to deal with plenty of hair inside the house or office. Accumulated pet hair can turn out to be more than an annoyance, it can be quite dangerous and in some instances fatal. Having matted hair all over the furniture and carpet is highly aggravating.

To keep your house clean, regular vacuuming is necessary when you own pets. The ideal product to help you do that is having the best vacuum for pet hair.

Today’s market has an array of vacuums for pet hair. So how do you choose the best one among the countless ones available?

The following are the top factors you should consider when in the market for a vacuum for pet hair:

Consider The Size Of Your Home

Consider The Size Of Your Home

It’s paramount to purchase a vacuum that is big enough to efficiently clean your entire living space. Perhaps, you should also be mindful of the needed storage space, if your home is small. If you own a large house, you require a big vacuum, which covers vast ground within a short time. The fact that big ones have a large dirt capacity means it reduces your cleaning time.

What’s more is the fact that it needs less emptying of both the dirt cup and bag. If you have a smaller space, the last thing you want is to waste valuable space by storing a big vacuum. You should settle for a smaller one that matches the space of your house.

Do You Intend To Vacuum Your Car, or Upholstery, or Curtains, or Hard Floors or Carpet?

Vacuum hard floor

The different kinds of surfaces and flooring at home are an essential consideration that should shape your purchasing decision. This is because different vacuums are tailored for different surfaces. For instance, if your entire house is carpeted or has hardwood floors, your decision should be simple. You should purchase one that’s customized for that.

Nonetheless, if your house has a combination of surfaces – linoleum flooring, tiles, hardwood floors, rugs, and even carpets – you should focus on buying an all-rounder vacuum that can tackle different kinds of surfaces.

Do You Prefer a Handheld, Canister or an Upright Vacuum?

cannister vacuum

Many people prefer vacuums, which are upright. However, that was true a couple of years ago. The modern handhelds and canisters are so much improved to the extent that they match the great performance of uprights. Therefore, shape and size aren’t a primary concern anymore.

Uprights are ideal for larger homes while the handheld and canister vacs are appropriate for those with smaller spaces.

Of course, the eventual decider is your tastes and preferences.

Does It Come With Accessories and Attachments?

vacuum accessories

Accessories and attachments are sometimes an afterthought. Nevertheless, they are a useful part of a cleaning process. In addition to offering better performance on various surfaces as well as hard to reach crevices. You can even some that are designed specially to eliminate pet hair.

In terms of accessories and attachments, you should be on the lookout for the following extras:

  • Upholstery tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Dusting tool
  • Extension tool
  • Brush roll or beater bar brush
  • Hardwood floor brush tool
  • Power brush, power nozzle or motorized brush head tool
  • Blind tool or ceiling fan
  • Mattress tool

Bagless or Bagged Model

bagless vacuum

Today, bagless versions are highly popular compared to those with bags. That is because emptying them is very easy. With them, the last thing you have to be worried about is to replace the bags on hand. What is more is the fact that bagless models are transparent thus allowing you to see the amount of dirt you have collected.

Cordless or Corded?

cordless vacuum

Again, the cordless vs. corded debate comes down to personal tastes and preferences. Cordless models feature a greater suction power since they don’t have any battery thus leaving more room for the motor. Cordless models are ideal for those that value convenience and portability.


Purchasing a vacuum that meets your needs and wants needs careful consideration … It shouldn’t be an impulse purchase. When in the market for the best vacuum for pet hair, you should consider the above factors to be on the safe side.

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