By Shawn Michaels

A wrench is a tool that considers as the most important tool, and every house owner must have it while they are preparing a toolkit. Without spanner a toolkit is incomplete. The advantage of a wrench is that it is used to provide grip and used in mechanical related tasks. It is used to fasten nuts and bolt. In this article, I’ll explain the detailed guide to wrench rookies, different types of wrenches and their effective uses.

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First, you need to buy the quality wrenches that give you long term benefit. Also, you must have different wrench jaw sizes that match and easily fix to the fastener you are tightening or loosening.

Types of wrenches and their uses:

There are different types of wrenches available at software tool with an affordable price. Following are the important wrenches and their uses:

Adjustable wrench:
This must be your first wrench in your toolkit because it is a very important wrench and can be beneficial to use in many tasks. It is intended to take pressure on both the fixed and moveable jaws; it is perfect to handle the large and bulky work easily with applying weight on fixed jaw. But you can’t put too much force on movable jaw because it may break the wrench and then it becomes useless, only small and less heavy task can be done with a moveable jaw. When you are inserting the wrench on the nut, make sure adjustable jaw is located on the side towards where the revolving is to be carrying out perfectly. This locates the force on the fixed jaw.

Open wrench:
Open end wrench is basically a U-shaped wrench that used to fix two contrary faces of the bolt and nut. It is an opposite of adjustable wrench and considers as a non-adjustable wrench also comes with different sizes. You can buy them separately as you desire. The main advantage of an open wrench is that it suggest over adjustable wrenches because both jaws are fixed, plus you don’t have to be anxious about breaking an adjustable jaw. Another advantage is you can do your work easily by your hands whenever you want to tighten or loosen a bunch of nuts and bolts of the similar size. It works more rapidly than an adjustable wrench. The open wrench can be used easily just you need to choose right size wrench to loosen or tighten a nut or bolt.

Allen wrench:
Allen wrench is also recognized as Hex key. Allen wrench is used in furniture related work, it is also available in different sizes that help you to fix nut or bolt and any other job you may come across. Mostly people used allen wrench to transform out rollerblade wheels for Kate or any other Gus related projects. It can easily be found at any software tools shop with an affordable price; just you need to check over quality when you are purchasing an allen wrench kit.

Author Bio:
Shawn Michaels is an engineer and a documentary maker who likes to review mechanical tools. He loves to explore new places full of natural beauty and enjoys tool shopping! He writes regularly for

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