Essential Things to a Successful Montana Elk Hunt

By Kevin Steffey

Montana, being the best place to finally find your trophy elk does not only promises adventure and a lot of elk hunting experiences but also provides a lifelong hunting learnings that will surely be of use in your future hunting endeavors. One of the best hunting learnings that you should always remember is the importance of preparedness which includes the readiness of the essential things for your Montana Elk Hunt sessions. This article is here to provide you the most detailed checklist on the things which you need to bring during your hunting periods in the elk paradise.


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Here are your essentials:

Aside from your hunting gears, below are the things which you would need to secure and include in your hunting backpacks and hunting to- go’s.

  1. Proper Attire

Camping and hunting are the most uncomfortable place you could ever be in. The best that you could do to lessen this uneasiness and discomfort somehow is to wear the proper attire which will protect you from the unpredictable weather condition of the place. One of the tricks which most hunters do is clothing in layers as this will allow them to adjust their clothing in various conditions. One thing that you should remember is to make sure that you have camouflage clothing as the law in this place does not appreciate fluorescent orange during hunting.

Also, it is advisable that you wear the hunting boots since you will be doing a lot of walking and this is the best protection and treat which your feet deserve. By bringing and wearing the most appropriate clothing, you will be able to save yourself from catching sickness or away from mosquito bites.

One thing that you need to remember is that Montana weather can be very unpredictable during hunting season. It can be anything within 70 during sunny days and 10 degrees lower below zero that usually is expected to come with few feet of snow. It is recommended that you prepare for different type of clothes for Montana’s weather which should include wool or Polar fleece.

  1. Montana Hunting License

Montana Hunt License is one very vital thing you need to secure when planning to go elk hunting.  For non-residents, the prerequisites are Base Hunting License and Conservation License before you can file for an application for Montana Hunting License.

There are a lot of legit institutions which you can find in the internet that offers an inclusion of the license in their packages. Seniors, youth and the people with disabilities are given discounts when getting licenses to hunt.

  1. Optics

The importance of a fine-tuned judgement of the distance is very vital especially when you are in a new and unfamiliar hunting environment and most importantly, you will be dealing with large animals which are way more active and bigger than your usual white tail. You can bring with you your most favorite range finder for accuracy and precision in hunting.

  1. Flashlight and Extra Batteries

Camping outside is a given when going into the wild forest and woods of Montana. You should be prepared to aid yourself with the most reliable flashlight and batteries that will allow you to survive the dark nights in this remote area. With this, you will have an advantage in everything that you are going to be up against.

  1. First Aid Kit

This is a basic knowledge yet mostly taken for granted. Thus, it is best to highlight the importance of bringing first aid kits in your hunting session. You should always remember that you are in the middle of nowhere and when the need of medication arises, you will have miles to take to get the help of professional doctors. Bringing first aid kit may be your saving weapon in this harsh and challenging paradise.

Remember that you are out in the hunting field of Montana and aside from getting the trophy of a successful hunt, surviving the place is also another challenge which you need to overcome. So, take care of yourself out there. Bring your first aid kits.


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  1. Food and Drinks

Again, hunting in the great unknown paradise of Montana requires you to survive its challenging terrains and conditions. It requires active participation and involvement in the environment. The tasks at hand will certainly ask for your energy and the only way that you exert the needed energy is by eating the proper food.

It is evident that it will be impossible for you to get your hands on the most delicious and comfort-giving food on earth in this remote place. So, for you to still have the energy which you need to capture your most priced elk, bring with you easy to eat canned foods and energy bars. Also, do not forget to bring water purifier to ensure the safety of the water that you will be drinking.

  1. Signals

Getting lost in Montana is not an impossible thing to happen and the only way that you will be able to call for help is making signal calls using whistles and other sound-making equipment. You and your group should have plans and agreements on what kind of call or sound you should make in every situation you are faced with. This way, they would be able to respond immediately especially during emergencies and accidents.


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Final Say

You can always choose additional things to be included in you to go backpacks. However, the things mentioned above are the ones which you should not forget or leave without as they play important roles to make your life easier in the far-flung area of Montana. You can always add more on this list but keep in mind that you will have to carry them and hike with them. So, it is very practical to just bring with you the essentials to save your energy for hunting.

This article intends to make your hunting experience a fruitful and a safe one. With the information which we have provided you, we are confident that you are all set and more than prepared to take your first trophy elk back home.



Author Bio:

Kevin Steffey is an avid hunter and freelance writer. He loves spending time in the field with his rifle more than almost anything else and occupies his off-time discussing deer and their habits online. He is a founder at



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