Nidecker SUP, a renowned manufacturer of sports gear like snowboards, sleds, skate boards, wakeboards and different kinds of skis, have worked relentlessly for enhancing the experience of adventure seekers and sports lovers since 1887. In the year 2007, the company venture into the production of Stand Up Paddleboards abbreviated as SUP. Paddle boarding is a sport which involves paddling a canoe like structure with an oar in a standing position.

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Newly launched Sup paddleboards

With the rising popularity of paddle boarding activities both for fitness and fun, Nidecker SUP has revolutionized its collection of paddleboards with the aid of advanced technology. The latest assortment of paddleboards by Nidecker SUP which has been launched in 2016, are built using the finest materials. The splendid features of these paddleboards make it suitable for use by both novices and skilled sportsperson.

At Nidecker SUP one can find a wide range of paddle boards and SUP paddles which are perfect for any kind of flat water paddling. The SUP paddle is adjustable in size has a tear drop shaped blade.

Kinds of inflatable paddleboards

The different kinds of inflatable yet sturdy paddleboards by Nidecker SUP are delineated below:

  • Race 12’6:

The width of this paddleboard is narrow at the waist, the tail has a tapering end and the nose rocker has been increased. It offers supreme glide and can be maneuvered very easily and is suitable for fitness routines and adventure trips.


  • Adventurer 11’0

The mid wide form of this board makes it fitting for every kind of flat water paddling ranging from lakes in the Alps to a lagoon. The paddleboard due to its design soars perfectly without buckling.


  • Explorer 10’6

The contoured appearance of this paddleboard coupled with a broad waist and wide rails makes it the best model for doing Yoga.


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