Reasons Why You Should Not Fall for a Free TeamSpeak Server

Reasons Why You Should Not Fall for a Free TeamSpeak Server

By Pragya Chauhan

In the world of online gaming, TeamSpeak is the name that needs no introduction. It is voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) software that enables audio communication between online gamers on a chat channel.

The latest version of this online communication tool is TeamSpeak 3. Without a doubt, it has marked its importance not just in the field of online gaming, but nowadays; it is extensively employed for education and training, business communication, and getting in touch with near and dear ones.

TeamSpeak can smoothly handle up to thousands of simultaneous users because it has been developed on client -server architecture. The reason why this communication tool is popular among others is it is pretty simple to use and offers fantastic voice quality, improved security standards, and comparatively low system and bandwidth usage. No wonder why online users prefer this communication tool over others.

However, no shortage of online audience who misinterprets this brilliant software after having a bad taste with free TeamSpeak server. Let us make you familiar with the reality.

The Reality behind Free TeamSpeak Server

First of all, no term like “free” exist in today’s online digital world. If it is, then you are not the customer, you are the product. It is better accepting the bitter reality that even free server providers have to make their living. So they make money by selling your personal details and crucial data to advertisers.

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Further, if somehow you set up a free TeamSpeak server, it will last only for 30 days, which means, you need to setup another one, if there are any available.

Another thing that you should know about is the usage is restricted to 5 users only and also the features you get is limited. Consequently, you make an impression that TeamSpeak server is not good.

However, when you rent TeamSpeak 3 server from an Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider, in short, ATHP, you get following benefits that you may miss from a free TeamSpeak server. Let’s take a glance at them, one by one:

Advantages of Renting TeamSpeak 3 Server from an ATHP

Massive FTP Quotas

FTP features let you share files with other online users in the case when you run out of space. Apparently, you cannot expect this feature in a free package because when you fall for free server setup, you get disabled FTP features. However, you get 600 MB of monthly file transfer, no restrictions on speed, and unlimited storage on getting if from an ATHP. You can say that you get value for your money.

You Take Full Control of Your TeamSpeak 3 Server

When you get TeamSpeak 3 server on rent, you get full system administration. ATHP guarantees that there will be no shadow administrator and neither any disabled features. You get all the features and be the master of your server who has all the rights to customize server as per requirements.

Brilliant Data Security

Going with free TeamSpeak server, as described above, is like putting your personal information and crucial data at risk. Some providers secretly record your data and sell your sensitive information to ad agencies and to make money.  However, ATHP guarantees your information will stay safe and secure.

Lucrative Offers if You Purchase for Long-term

An ATHP offers lucrative discount up to 40 percent when you decide to rent TeamSpeak 3 server for 12 months. Depending upon your duration, you can get discounts. So when you get TeamSpeak 3 on rent, you pay less and do more.


The points as explained above show the reasons why you should never fall for free TeamSpeak server because the term “free” doesn’t exist in today’s scenario.


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