Summer Holidays Approaching: Is Your Car Ready for a Trip?

Summer Holidays Approaching: Is Your Car Ready for a Trip?

By Ian Pearson

Summertime is just around the bend, and that means traveling. But in order to make sure your automotive pet is ready for a long ride, first, you must do some check-ups and confirmations.


Nobody wants to have something happen to their car on the way to the summer holiday. It can really destroy the entire trip, and it can be quite the hit on your budget. There are some simple steps you can follow to ensure your car is ready for the adventure ahead, and we’ve collected some of them for you.


Check your car’s condition

There should be no need in telling this, but the car should be regularly checked up and properly maintained. Even more so if you’re planning a long distance trip. Small issues like old wipers or broken parts can end up costing you way more if you get stopped by the police abroad.


Schedule all the necessary tune ups, checkups, and full maintenance before the trip to ensure your vehicle is in its best state when you start. This way it will be more reliable and efficient, and it will help you save some money.


Inspect the tires

Old and worn out tires can really affect your vehicle’s mobility and safety on the road. It also affects fuel consumption, so making sure your tires are still good for driving is somewhat of imperative when planning a trip.


Check tires for the amount of thread left, bulges or tears. Check to see if they are punctured, and once you’ve confirmed they are ok, you should adjust the pressure to its optimal value, depending on the car you own. Make sure you have a spare tire with you on your trip, if by any chance you might need it.


Refuel, recharge and restock

It practically goes without saying, but the best practice is to fill up your tank before the trip. When you know your car, this can help you monitor the fuel consumption, and it will save you the time from looking for the nearest gas station. It can also prove to be quite cost-effective, as fuel prices vary across the world.


Check your car battery and see how reliable it is. It may need some charging, or you will need to change it, but never risk starting a trip with a dodgy car battery. Finding one abroad can be quite a difficult task, and it may be quite expensive. Make sure your battery is good enough to take you all the way.


Resupply your first aid kit, as well as your tool kit and traveling accessories. These things are quite common all around, and you can easily find them wherever you go, but if you really want to be prepared for the trip, it will be much easier to restock before you set off.


Update navigation

If you’re using GPS system, make sure it’s properly updated. Check to see if the location you’ve chosen for your summer holidays is in there, and if not, research how to update it. Finding a proper and cheap portable GPS car system isn’t that hard anymore, and it can really pay off if you find yourself lost in a foreign country without understanding the locals.


Pack smart

When packing, make sure you know your vehicle’s capacity. Over packing it will cause loss of stability, aerodynamics (for roof-top boxes and cargo), and it will significantly increase the fuel consumption. Organize your stuff properly, and make sure there is enough room, and that your bags are not packed too tight. In the case of accidents, tightly packed vehicles have increased chances of serious injury and damage from less tightly packed ones.


Be patient and stay safe

Car repairs experts from Sydney emphasize that most of the summer holidays accidents happen because of the impatience and unnecessary rushing. Traveling in the summer often means traffic jams, crowded highways and a lot of nervous people. Think about traveling by night, or early in the morning. Avoid main roads and highways, and adjust your GPS device to inform you of possible traffic issues ahead. Arm yourself with patience, and never drive tired or overstressed. Enjoy your trip as it is by itself a large part of your summer holiday itself.


Wrapping it up

If you’re smart with your vehicle and maintain it on a regular basis, this article can only confirm what you already know. You must triple-check everything on your car before setting off on a holiday. Keeping your vehicle in proper order is extremely important whether you plan on driving for a long time, or it’s just a short trip.


Hopefully, these tips will help you make a thorough car checkup, and they might even save you some money. Remember to enjoy your trip, and always stay safe.


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Ian Pearson

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