Things to Consider Before Initiating Your Landscape Design Project

Things to Consider Before Initiating Your Landscape Design Project

By Charlie Brown

If you are trying to design your landscape from scratch, you must remember to consider a few important things before you start putting your landscape design ideas into practice. More often than not, people would be heading straight to the garden supply stores in their locality to examine the selection. However, it would be a good idea to create a plan in advance that can be helpful in making the right choice of plants which would be best-suited to your space, and your unique requirements. You must consider choosing only those plants that would be thriving in your landscape.

Obviously, when you visit the garden store, you are sure to be tempted to buy the different types of beautiful plants that you will find all around you. But you need to be quite practical and must choose only those plants that are right for your landscape.

Here are three basic things you must consider before starting to work on your landscape designing project. You must consider developing a concrete plan of action so that you could come up with a cohesive, spectacular, and thriving landscape.

Learn & Understand Everything about Your Landscape

You must learn about the topography, the kind of soil, and regional climate of your landscaping site while designing your landscape. You could consider taking a good look at the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map as that could prove to be a great way to initiate the landscape design project.

You must remember that the precise condition of the landscaping space is probably going to create a microclimate which would be based on the length and amount of shade and sun exposure received by the space. You need to choose plants for your garden according to your landscape’s microclimate.

You must pay importance to the topography of the plot. Observe how water is draining in your space. The most effective landscape design would be promoting water movement ideally away from your house and towards the different parts of your yard. Avail professional landscape design Southampton for the best landscape designs.

Know the People Who Would Be Using the Space

You must find out about all the people who would be using your garden and how they would be using it. Would your children be playing in the garden? Are there pets that would be running in the landscape? Would you be utilizing the space for outdoor entertaining?

You must keep in mind that you could come up with various spaces for diverse uses in your garden simply by using hardscapes and plantings strategically. You must determine your budget and maintenance style and do not stray from realistic planning.

Ask yourself how much time would be required to devote to the maintenance and upkeep of the space. In case you cannot devote so much time to landscaping activities, then will you be able to afford professional assistance? Find out the approximate amount you need to invest in landscaping. You need to determine the answers to these questions so that you could chalk out an appropriate landscaping plan.


You must always have a landscaping theme in your mind. A theme could be unifying your landscape and it would be guiding you every step of the way while choosing the plants and paving materials.

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

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