Handmade mangalsutra: The unspoken beauty

Handmade mangalsutra: The unspoken beauty

By Mandy Bular

Just like any other jewelry, mangalsutra has also become a fashion jewelry item. The use of mangalsutra has been there since times immemorial, but recently it has been revolutionized in an entirely different way. You must have seen many of the modern women who did not like to wear the mangalsutras when going for a party or outing as they failed to pair well with the western outfits. Usually, the mangalsutras were made using black beads with just a simple or no design at all. Gold was preferably used as it was known to be the only precious metal and perfect for creating wedding jewelry.

Bride With Mangalsutra

The modern concept of mangalsutra

Mangalsutras are usually worn by Hindu women to show their love towards their partners. It is believed that this helps in making a strong bond between the husband and wife, which is inseparable. With modernization, the concept of using mangalsutra has changed drastically. Today, it is no longer used just as a sacred string of black beads. Instead, it has become a part of modern fashion jewelry. You can come across plenty of eye-catching designs that can pair well with all kinds of modern outfits. This is no longer a dull jewelry which you find horrible when wearing those beautiful party clothes. You can flaunt your culture and style with the beautiful mesmerizing black beads that will catch the attraction of the passersby.

Professional Jewelry

Vast range of mangalsutras

You can come across a wide variety of designs that will make you bewildered at first glance. Again, the mangalsutra sets are just beyond imagination. The shiny luster of the beautiful diamonds will get you perplexed at the first look. Mangalsutras designed using colored diamonds are one step ahead. They are completely incomparable and perfect to be worn at parties and get-to-gathers. Apart from diamonds, there are silver mangalsutras. In fact, different types of materials are used for designing the mangalsutras. You can even find the expensive ones with rubies and large diamond pendants.

Yellow gold and diamond jewelry

Handmade mangalsutra and its indefinable beauty

Have you heard about handmade mangalsutra?Well, just like any other handmade jewelry, you can now also come across handmade mangalsutras in the market. No doubt, these are bit expensive but are only perfect to be worn at all occasions. You can purchase one if you are one among those who love to stay updated with the modern style and fashion. You can personalize these handmade mangalsutras and make them unique. In fact, this can be a perfect gift if you are looking forward to buying a special gift for your best friend on her wedding. Actuallyspeaking, these mangalsutras are so beautifully and intricately detailed that you will fall in love with them at the first look. You can check out the vast collections available at the online stores as well.

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Author Bio: Mandy Bular has written this post on the modern mangalsutra designs and style, which is entirely different from the old era. The beautiful mangalsutras have now become a part of the dressing style. You can visit this site Perigems.com to order a beautiful piece for yourself.

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