By Patricia Booth

If you want all the English charm and world-class dining to be a part of your honeymoon, there is no place better than London. The parks, alcoves, pubs and theatres add to the city’s omnipresent romance.

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What do you need?

Make sure you have British Pounds and Euros. Most places accept Euros and Visa cards. You do not want to book private car services. The city roads are congested and getting around is much faster via tube aka subway. Alternatively, you can enjoy a ride on one of the double-decker buses. Walking is a great option when it is sunny. If you are coming down between June and September, you can enjoy the urban visage by walking down main streets, alleyways and along the river.

Do not forget your umbrella, even though it might seem like a pleasant, sunny day.

Plan a trip every day

That is the only way to see the country properly. This will give you a full England experience. There are plenty of buses for tourists that offer a full tour of London and the countryside. You will find small farmers’ markets and all-organic stores selling great knick-knacks all across the country. Shopping is a different affair in England. London is one of the shopping capitals of the world, but you need to check out some of the niche stores in the countryside to get a true essence of the country.

Explore the beauty of city lights

You can also book a cruise for dinner on the Thames. You will be able to spend an entire day on the river Thames with your beloved. From the finest wines to celebrity chef special dishes, you will be making some of the most unforgettable memories in the heart of London. Being on a cruise while it slowly sails past the city sites during the evening is unforgettable indeed. You will get to see a new face of London, lit by the evening lights. The London Eye, London Tower, City Hall and the London Bridge look breathtaking in the LED-neon glow.

Live like a true Londoner

Book a hotel or a fully furnished apartment in Mayfair for a luxurious slice of the London lifestyle. You can also choose to travel to the countryside and book picturesque cottages with low eves to find out about the romance of living closer to nature. London has a lot to offer to romantic couples who are seeking their first getaway together.

Do not forget to add some culture

Museums are the cultural centre of the city. From Warhol to Picasso, you can see the creations of revolutionary artists at the Tate Modern. You should also try the Victoria and Albert. They have an expansive collection of Renaissance art that have inspired generations.

England is a country of culture and romance. London is truly the capital of newlywed couples and lovers, who unite almost every year to celebrate the warmest month of July.

Author Bio: Patricia Booth is an author and blogger. She is interested in the evolution of culinary art form in England. To find out about more things you can do in London this year visit

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