8 Things You’ll Need When You Go Camping  – Camping Checklist

8 Things You’ll Need When You Go Camping – Camping Checklist

By Charleston Holland

Camping is one of those activities that seems to be a truly American kind of event. Every year, people from all walks of life head to the great outdoors to enjoy time under the stars. Whether they are going alone, with a friend, with a group, or taking their family, they find that this is a sensational way to spend a few nights of their vacation. It truly is magnificent.

Of course, camping is made a great deal more enjoyable when you take the proper equipment with you. Some like to completely rough it, living off the land to provide them with food, shelter, and any other necessities that they may need.

However, there are those who want to go a little more prepared. They don’t want to risk having some kind of catastrophe occur that they are not prepared for, and so they are looking for some advice on good items that they should take with them. If you’re wanting to know the things you’ll need when you go camping, here’s a great camping checklist for you.

  1. First-Aid Kit – even if you are deciding to rough it, a first-aid kit is something you cannot go without. You just never know what might occur, and so it makes sense to bring with you bandages, tape, scissors, aspirin, first-aid cream, and allergy medicine if you are allergic to anything.
  2. Water Purifying Tablets – while you may be in a location where there is plenty of water, you have no idea what the quality of that water will be. To protect yourself from pathogens and parasites as well as dirt and debris that’s in the water, taking some water purifying tablets will make sure that you are safe and have water to drink.
  3. A Knife – if you are going to be out in the woods, a knife will really come in handy. This will not only help you to cut branches for making a shelter, but also provide protection, help you to cut up food, and do much more.
  4. Matches – even if you are an expert in starting a fire on your own by rubbing two sticks together or banging a rock to create a spark, the reality is that having matches with you is a safety measure that just makes sense. You never know what a storm may occur and cause all of the wood around you to become damp. Fire not only helps to keep you warm but also cooks your food and keeps wild animals away. Taking some matches with you to ensure you can make a fire just makes sense.
  5. Canteen – if you are intending to do any kind of hiking or trail walking that it makes sense to have a canteen with you. This allows you to be able to store your water so that you can drink along the way, without being concerned about whether water will be available for you or not. Canteen also makes purifying your water whole lot easier and ensures that the water that you have purified remains that way.
  6. Sleeping Bag or Air Mattress – if you are intending to sleep out under the stars, having a sleeping bag with you allows you to be able to stay warm. It will be helpful when the temperatures get cool at night and to protect yourself from debris and winds during the nighttime. It’s a great way to be a little bit more comfortable when you are in the great outdoors. If you are planning to sleep in a camping tent, an air mattress is a great choice for you. It will give you more comfortable for your sleep.
  7. A Backpack – if you are planning to take any items with you at all then taking a backpack with you is an essential item that you will need. Not only does this allow you to carry things, even a large number of things, but it does so in a way that distributes the weight over your shoulders and back so that no part takes on too much of the burden. This also allows you to have items with you that are absolutely essential, and ensures that your trip will be a lot more enjoyable.
  8. Phone and Rechargeable Pack – even if you are out roughing it in the wilderness, having a phone with you is a good idea in case some emergency does occur. If you are allergic to some kind of insect or if you are going to be in an area where weather can change quickly or where the conditions are treacherous, a phone can seriously save your life.

In addition, it is a good idea to carry a rechargeable pack with you which allows you to recharge your phone. The last thing you want to have happen is that your phone works, but has no charge to it. Caring this additional pack with you should give you up to two recharges.

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