The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Headphones for Gifting

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Headphones for Gifting

By Charlie Brown

Thinking of buying headphones for yourself or a loved one? If you are a passionate music lover and want to enjoy every beat of a song, the cheap headphones and ear buds that come with MP3 players and cell phones may not do justice. On the other hand, if you are planning to gift a pair of headphones, you cannot make do with a low-quality one!

Whether you are watching a movie at home or listening to music on the go, it is ideal to make a fair investment on a pair of high-quality headphones for optimum entertainment and enjoyment. However, if you are bad at shopping, you are likely to end up with the wrong product. Here, we will discuss some easy steps that you can follow when shopping for headphones.


Choosing between headphones and ear buds


  • Ear buds


Ear buds are ideal for those who do not like the bulky headphones. There are many models of superior quality ear buds available in the market now. These come in beautiful little cases to keep them safe when not in use. If you only a carry a small purse and want to keep your iPod Nano and headphones in it, then ear buds are an ideal choice. Ear buds are also the best option if you are on a limited budget.


Though ear buds are comparatively cheaper than over-the-ear headphones, they are available in varying price ranges. With a moderately steep budget, you can get comfortable and soft ear buds, which offer great sound effects. Such ear buds may cost about $130 to $150 or more.


  • Headphones


Over-the-ear and on-ear headphones have become synonymous with fashion and style. Aside from bringing modern music to life, these headphones can also increase your style quotient. You must have seen millennials sporting these headphones around their necks. If you want to add a dash of “cool” in your personality, these trendy accessories might just do the trick!


You can find these headphones in both wired and wireless forms. Some also come with Bluetooth connectivity. The DJ-style large headphones can give you an optimum listening experience, but may take up a considerable amount of space while carrying around. Since these types of headphones put less pressure on eardrums, they ensure comfort over prolonged use and less damage to your ears.


Typical behind-the-neck type headphones are some of the best headphones under $200, and they are also ideal as gifts. These have connecting bands that reach behind the neck instead of wrapping over the top of your head. It is perfect for joggers and those who want to wear hats or sunglasses. If you do not want the headphone to mess up your trendy hairdo, the behind-the-neck headphones will be your best bet!


Make the most of your investment


The expensive branded headphones are made of high-quality materials and modern technology. Such models ensure optimum sound quality and endurance. You may be able to hear even the tiniest details of the music. The basic low-priced ear buds and headphones may last for a year or so, but they will never sound as great as you may hope. Buying from a reputed brand ensures that you get the best product and value for money.


Evaluating sound isolation of the headphones


Sound isolation is a major feature to consider while you are assessing headsets for performance. It refers to the capability of the headphones to block outside noise and deliver pure music. No one likes turning up the volume to drown out the cacophony of the surroundings.


Sound isolation is an essential feature which will also help to save your precious battery life. Quality ear buds and in-ear type headphones are better at sound isolation as they perfectly seal into your ears, and it is the same with the professional DJ-style headphones as these also create a sealed environment by covering the ear.


While buying over-the-ear headphones, you need to decide whether to go for open-backed ones or closed headphones. Open headphones may sound more natural, but people around you may also be able to hear the music and surrounding sounds will get into your ears. These types of headphones are recommended for home listening.


Closed headphones can isolate noise and sound like pure music in your head. However, if you use cheap quality closed headsets, it may be an uncomfortable experience as there may be sound wave reverberation from the plastic back. It is a personal choice as some people prefer closed-backed to enjoy the boom bass at best, while others choose open-backed for its precise natural sound.


Checking the frequency range


Another thing to investigate while buying headphones is the frequency range. Wider frequency range implies that you can enjoy more of the music. Most extensive ranges like 10 Hz to 25000 Hz may be the most recommended ones. The frequency range also may be represented by frequency response curve, sound curve, and sound signature. Make sure that you check out these specifications before settling on a particular item. If you find the low end of the curve as highest on the graph, the bass may be more. However, this does not mean that the bass will be better or precise.


The mid-range headphones may usually have a U curve, which means the midrange is cut out. These may sound more pleasing to the ears, but you may not be able to analyze the various layers of music. There are flat-response headphones also in which you may hear all layers of music equally.


Based on the evaluation and exploration above, we can safely say that the best way to make an appropriate choice is to test the various options one by one. If this is your first time buying a pricey headphone, you may as well do it right to do justice to the amount you will spend. Having about $200 should be sufficient when you go to the store. However, since different brands offer varying price ranges, a little bit of research will surely help you out!

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