Top 10 places around the world you must go on a helicopter tour

Top 10 places around the world you must go on a helicopter tour

By Alfred Stallion

Traveling is exciting. It gets you to know new places, meet new friends, and learn new cultures and so much more. However, there are some places where you cannot just go through by biking, cruising, trekking or even by driving. You may not know the accurate reflection of the places just by going around them. Therefore, any overview would be great in this regard. Advancing your tour to the next level for a helicopter tour may seem excessive, but somehow it’s worth the price. An upward view can tell you a lot about a particular place than you would even know while on the ground. Here are top 10 places around the world you must go on a helicopter tour.

  1.  The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is the world’s coral reel. It stretches 2300kms within the coast of Queensland. A quick helicopter tour will get you around the entire reel within few hours and you are back, satisfied and excited of the scenery.  A long flight path means you get the privilege of passing across the Daintree rainforest, Baron Gorges, Cairns Highlands and the Mossman. Additionally, there are times you would be lucky to spot various sites like the heart Reef, Green Island, Whitehaven Beach, and the low Isles.

  1. Denali National Park, USA

The only possible route to the peak of Mt. McKinley is by air. This park spreads across six million acres of land, therefore, taking the trip on road will just be impossible. A helicopter tour gives you a smooth ride to the top with a few minutes landing for quick snowball fights. You also get to view the Alaska Ranges up close, something you would never dream of while on the ground for a quick round cap trip.

  1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is the home of sports. When you hear the word Rio, all you can reflect on is the 2016 Olympic. Yes, that’s right the 2016 opening ceremony was held inthe Maracana stadium, a place that gives you the pleasure of being in Brazil. Rio De Janeiro Granite Mountains surround the iconic Rio’s Corcovado Bay. It’s only in Brazil where there is a big statue with the words “My Redeemer Lives engraved on it. These are some of the spots that a helicopter trip will really do the job for you. Additionally, while on air you will notice that the Ipanema and Copacabana beaches are not all that crowded.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is almost the same as Rio. However, the city’s striking natural features and mountainous coast provides a perfect backdrop for a flight. While on air, you get a beautiful view of the twelve apostles plus the historic Robben Island. A helicopter trip takes you across the city within just a few minutes, and you will have toured even to the Cape point itself. Finally, you get to know which cities border the city and how well the cultures are among the residents.

  1. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls serves as the frontier for both Zambia and Zimbabwe. The falls spread across a distance of two kilometers. It flows down to river Zambezi and plunges into a deep gorge. Victoria Falls is one of the world’s impressive falls. The rainbows and water mist are only visible well with an elevated angle of about 20 kilometers. A quick look at the scale from the air is astounding. An excellent helicopter trip would take you through the falls, upgrade to Batoka Gorges and occasionally run you across the game spotting around Zambezi National Park, where hippos, giraffes, crocodiles, and elephants roam around.

  1. New York City, USA

Start your helicopter trip from the southern tip of whiz past Manhattan or the iconic statue of liberty. Start your journey by viewing the Ellis Island, lower Manhattan skyline as you buildup across several impressive buildings and features on this side of the world. You just can’t get enough of the city during the round. However, a quick air trip will get you through all the city’s hustles and provide a lasting impression.

  1. Kauai, USA

Kauai is home to the oldest Hawaii Island. It’s also one of the most inaccessible interiors in states. Therefore, the only way to behold the beauty of Kauai lies on air. Using a helicopter, it will be easy to go around the Na Pali coast cliffs, the famous Waimea Canyon and various popular sites like Manawaiopuna waterfalls which gained its fame by appearing in Hanalei Bay and Jurassic Park.

  1. The Great Ocean Road, Australia

This is one of the most iconic natural attractions of Australia. A top view of the ocean road and its rock formation gives you a great insight of the trip. Using the drive, you will be lucky to go through several parks and behold the beauty of animals, and all the jiggling around is apprehending. However, due to the erosion, it may not be possible for you to reach the cliff by road. While on air that is apparent. Only a few hours and your trip will cover almost the entire Australia.

  1. Glacier Country, New Zealand

Want to get to the snow-covered mountain tops? Well, it’s only through an air flight that can get you that close. In New Zealand, there are high spots that will add value to your trip. You will enjoy the beauty of the South Island and the west coast. Enjoy a visit to the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, which is the fastest glacier in the world. However, you can only access this by air.

  1. The Grand Canyon, USA

Want to go past the South Rim and behold the beauty of Grand Canyon, well all you need is a helicopter tour. This place is fantastic. It spreads across the waters and the land and penetrates down several miles away. Air airborne trip will help you cut through the Mojave Desert, the Vegas Strip, and the Hoover Dam. If you are the enthusiast type, while making your private jet booking, you can always ask if they are among the few permitted companies that can land in the canyon for a stroll of the adrenaline on a riverboat.

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