Tripping Around Texas The Right Way

Tripping Around Texas The Right Way

By Tommy Zimmer
Texas is currently undergoing one of the worst hurricanes in its history. The death toll, due to the hurricane, has risen to 20 people, and authorities expect it to grow even more once the storm calms down. They will then be able to take count of all the damage. President Donald Trump tweeted about his concern for the people of Texas. “After witnessing first hand the horror & devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey,my heart goes out even more so to the great people of Texas!” Trump tweeted. While things may be horrific, the hope is things rebound soon. Visitors will likely still come to Texas because of everything the state has to offer.
Texas is a huge state. And that’s not making anything up either. The state, as of July 1, 2016, boasts a population of 27,862,596. That is massive and something startling. That marks a ten percent increase from the number in April 1, 2010, that was at 25,145,561. Even back in 2010, that was still quite a massive amount of people in the state. The Lone Star State attracts people from all walks of life, whether that be tourists or students coming to the state to study for their degree at any one of Texas’ many universities.

San Antonio Christmas

The schools in the state can include Texas A&M University, Baylor University, or the University of Texas at Austin. You might even have heard of Texas Christian University or Texas Tech University. It makes the educational opportunities the state can offer you quite grand. It’s no wonder that Austin, Texas, the home of University of Texas at Austin, is well known as one of America’s cities, where people drink more than normal. According to CBS News, 18.4 percent of those living in Austin, Texas binge drink. Those binge drinkers consume around 15.5 drinks per person within the city each month. In April 2015, an Austin American-Statesman analysis showed the city to be the one that drinks the most in Texas. Yet, it’s not the only city in Texas.

San Antonio is another city that faces similar issues. The binge drinkers of the city’s population make up around 19.4 percent of it. They drink about 14.2 drinks per person every month. It’s quite scary to think of one person alone drinking that amount because it’s likely horrible for your liver. Yet, when you’re in Texas, you just have to make sure alcoholism issues and end up going to the best dual diagnosis treatment centers Texas. You might have anxiety or depression issues that would make such a place helpful to ending any alcoholism you have developed. As long as you keep an eye on that, your trip to the Lone Star State should be a memorable one.

Entrance to South Padre Island


Here are some places to check on during your trip there:

1.) Blue Lagoon. If you are up for driving down to Huntsville, Texas, you can have the chance to discover pure beauty with the wide open waters of the Blue Lagoon. You are able to see the bottom of the blue water as clear as anything else. It’s completely majestic and a sight to behold. You will not be disappointed if you want to go swimming with a group of friends. Fly into Houston, if you are out of state, and go north by 75 miles from the downtown area. You’ll be plenty happy once you arrive.

2.) Devil’s Waterhole. If you are up for a little more driving out to Inks Lake, you could be given the chance to experience a little more paradise like you did at Blue Lagoon. This time, you will be surrounded by beautiful rocks you can put a towel over and lay on out in the nice hot sun. You might be able to see the sunset or the sunrise while on a floater or swimming. Imagining the beauty of what the Devil’s Waterhole has to offer you can make you realize just how amazing and lucky you are to be in this spot.

The summer sun sets on Austin, TX on a humid August evening.

3.) The Texas State Capitol Building. Growing up in Texas, you may have been to your capitol building before as a student on a field trip in elementary school. If you are not from Texas, you may wish to take a trip down to Austin to check out this cool building, which stands at 308 feet tall and has a 22-acre park. It’s quite an architectural achievement and has a beautiful park. Walking inside, you may get lost in the feeling you are walking through somewhere quite historic. Take the chance to learn more about the works of government while in Texas.

4.) The Moody Gardens and Aquarium. When you get the chance to check out marine life, it’s probably something you may not wish to turn down. There’s marine life everywhere from the Great Barrier Reef to the Pacific Ocean. There’s a great deal not only of that but animals from the rainforest in addition to many science exhibits and a water park. You can find this majesty in Galveston. Once you are there observing how cool everything is, you might not wish to leave. It may be hard to leave because you could have fallen in love with all the animals there.

5.) Natural Bridge Caverns. If you’ve ever wanted to explore an endless maze caverns with over 10,000 different stalactite formations, this could be your best chance. There’s a 60-foot limestone bridge that leads into the amazing caverns. Complete with varied tours in addition to a climbing adventure, you might be able to finally understand what makes this place larger than life.

6.) Padre Island National Seashore. In Corpus Christi, Texas, you’ll find a lot to gaze out. Whether it be the wide open sky or the bird flying through the air, there will be lots for you to enjoy. You just might wish to avoid drinking too much while enjoying the beach or else you may end up at the best dual diagnosis treatment centers Texas. That would not be a fun conclusion or start to the fun you are having. Always making sure you do things in moderation may be key for everything you are doing. In the end, you will be happy you visited there.

Throughout Texas, there is always a lot to check out. You will never find one complete guide to nearly everything you can see there. The challenge will be to try seeing every single thing you want to in the state. It’s tough but you’ll be able to check every single thing you want to once you organize everything properly and the weather cooperates with the goals and benchmarks you have for the trip.

With all the hurricane activity that has occurred, you can help those that have been affected. Maybe, you want to give to the American Red Cross or go down to the lone star state to help rebuild. You could make it part of your plans to already visit the state. Taking the time to help others affected by Hurricane Harvey could make your time in Texas all the more rewarding.

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