10 Ways to Bring Nature Into Your Wedding

10 Ways to Bring Nature Into Your Wedding

By Chris Anderson 

Weddings are the perfect event to really stretch your creative muscles, especially if you’re one of those DIY brides. There are many themes that you can choose from, and today, everything that you need to cook up the perfect wedding is easily within reach. Thanks to the wonderful digital world that is the Internet, you can buy your wedding supplies from across the globe or from that nifty little shop in your neighborhood that you often feel too lazy to visit.

Speaking of wedding themes, nature-themed nuptials remain en vogue, and you don’t even need to be out in nature for it. With some staging magic, you can easily bring nature indoors (although, of course, your life will be so much easier if you can just find an outdoor venue that is beautiful, enchanting, and ready to host any wedding). Farms, vineyards, and gardens are top choices, especially for shabby chic fans. Private beaches remain quite popular as well, particularly among those who prefer a tropical feel for their wedding.


Whether you’re having your wedding indoors or outdoors, there are many ways you can bring more of nature into your special event. Here are some ideas you can work with:


1.     Play nature’s music

There are musical pieces that combine the lovely sounds of musical instruments and nature to contribute to the ambiance of the event. These are perfect to play during the reception and that short waiting period before the commencement of the wedding.

2.     Create a secret garden

An elaborate flower arrangement can turn any indoor wedding venue into the retreat of Mary Lennox. Use different sizes of flower arrangements and bring heavy greenery in, especially when you construct a supporting structure for the “crawling” foliage. Also, don’t forget to cover chandeliers and other lighting fixtures with faux moss.

3.     Strategic trees

Tall potted plants or big floral arrangements can achieve the look of trees. They can be used to line the aisle and mimic a tree-lined path or they can be placed on dining tables as centerpieces.

4.     Replace table linen with faux moss

This is a popular trick for parties and it never fails to automatically create an outdoor feel for any event. It may not be ideal to use on actual dining tables (because guests might find them inconvenient), but for the table where the cake is displayed, as well as the buffet and gift table, using faux moss instead of linen is a good idea if you want to really bring in some natural elements.

5.     Set some real butterflies free

This is another trendy thing for weddings (and not to to worry — no butterflies get hurt in the process). Fluttering butterflies are charming accents to a nature-themed wedding and they are treated to so many fragrant blooms. They are also not distracting because they are simply beautiful little creatures slowly flying around and spreading magic with their presence.

6.     Use natural elements for wedding décor such as rocks, twigs, berries, leaves, and blooms

All of these are wedding appropriate and they’re easy to work with for votive holders, table centerpieces, signage, vases, napkin rings, and many others.

7.     Replicate the night sky using twinkly lights

For a lot of couples, the view of the night sky is a must for their wedding day, but the weather can be fickle and not all nights easily display the grandeur of a million stars. If you want the complete assurance that your wedding will be held under the canopy of a darkness bedazzled with stars, use a dark cloth to hang belong the ceiling and spread twinkly lights on it. Voila! An instant night sky.

8.     Use natural products for your souvenirs.

Small potted plants like herbs (rosemary, dill, thyme, and lavender) and succulents are not only pretty, they’re worth keeping, too. For a really nice presentation, you can put the potted plants in a Chinese take-out box and arrange them on cupcake holders. Another natural product worth considering is a tree seedling. Place the tree seedlings in individual burlap bags and finish it off with a complimentary personalized tag.

9.     Throw in some indoor water fountains.

Hardware stores have kits for these and they’re very easy to assemble, but there are businesses that also rent them out. If you want the sounds of nature and water elements for your wedding, indoor water fountains are perfect to include in your wedding production.

10.   Use wood medallions and sprigs of pine (or parsley, mint, or lavender) as place cards.

These small touches can have a huge impact on your theme and they don’t even cost much to buy and prepare. A lot of hobby stores already sell wood medallions for cheap and you can easily buy letter decals or stamps to add the names of your guests. As for the sprigs of pine or herbs, your local gardening store is the best place to get them.


These are not all the things you can do to bring nature to your wedding. Take inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram and see which would best fit the overall look you’re aiming to achieve for your special day.

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