ound the world in 1000s of Calories – Find out some of the most epic desserts from all over the globe

Thomson Lakes and Mountains have discovered some of the most indulgent sweet courses from 17 different countries across the world.

Saving the best till last is always important, especially when it comes to food. If you’re the type of restaurant goer that always leaves room for dessert, then you might have just met your match.

Thomson Lakes and Mountains have created a list of some of the more sizeable treats that you might have to share. Some of the highlights from the list include:

  • The Roman Empire, Wales – 3,845 calories – Coco Gelato in the Welsh capital of Cardiff serves up a mere 18 scoops of tasty gelato accompanied by 4 waffles, chocolate bars, fudge and a mass of syrup. Tuck in!
  • The Milky Whey Challenge, Croatia – 2,388 calories – In Zagreb, sweet specialists can enjoy a stuffed crepe weighing over 2 kg. If you somehow manage to finish this monster, it’s free.
  • Chocolate Explosion, Netherlands – 1,274 calories – If you’re in the Netherlands, be sure to stop off at The Duchess for the ultimate chocolate egg. Packed with chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, cookies, truffles and macaroons, this is a Chocolate Explosion not to miss out on.
  • The Cannoli Bazooka, Australia – 1,040 calories – 50 Italian and chocolate cream cannolis are compacted into one huge shell to give customers a dessert that will blow them away.

If these desserts don’t fill you up then you can see the full list here featuring treats from the likes of Thailand, Denmark and USA.


Desserts Around The World With The Highest Calories
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