The word luxury conjures up a picture of a colossal price tag, manageable by only the most elite in class.And the astronomical numbers on those price tags would mean your confidence of achieving an extravagant lifestyle hitting rock bottom. Most of us detest the thought of pampering ourselves every now and then since the fear of breaking the bank is larger than the enjoyment it brings.

But, is there a way out? Is it somehow possible to Instagram yourself in a private villa, facing clear blue seas with rounds of jet skis at your command? And all of this in your dream destination? Well, there’s practically no one who can promise the exact extent of royalty that you can enjoy during your trip. However, we’ve done our research and have penned down some valuable tips to help you achieve a luxurious holiday at a limited budget.

  1. Tip #1 – Membership with the travel experts

Annoyed with the amount of automatically generated e-mails you receive from travel websites? It’s time to finally open one of them and read what it has to say. Quite often these e-mails have information about top travel destinations that can be travelled at a ‘cheaper-than-normal-rate’ in a particular season. Also, membership with travel websites can help you earn air miles on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Other benefits may include an upgrade in your flight mode from economy to premier class, or even a complimentary companion ticket! Keep a close eye on their official social media handles for the latest deals and discounts.

  1. Tip #2 – All dreams begin with a slight effort – Start saving

Remember, saving one coin at a time during our childhood and carefully placing them inside a piggy bank? It’s time to re-ignite that habit for good. Reduce your daily expenditure by a few pounds per day and in no time, you will have that extra amount of money which you can spend in a foreign bazaar or a food stall! You can begin by cutting your expenditure on eating out by preparing lunch at home for your school/office. Not only do you save money, you even help yourself by eating healthy food which to help you achieve the ideal ‘vacation physique’. You can even save by avoiding frequent trips to the movies, choosing walking/cycling over taxi (once in a while) or by avoiding gatherings that you know could end up being a money spiller.


  1. Tip #6 – Travel to cheaper destinations

Most people overlook this thought while planning their trip. Remember that you’re on a low budget, so why not keep the expensive places for the future? And how do you make the right distinction between an expensive and a low-cost destination? By simply comparing the currency exchange rates. Travelling to a city which has a stronger currency would usually mean a higher burden on your wallet compared to cities with weaker currency. Speaking geographically, travelling to countries in Scandinavia will cost you multiple times more than travelling to central or southern Europe. This can, however, vary based on the flight distance between the source and destination. You can visit for great discounts on exchange rates and to take it further, you can even get rid of carrying cash while travelling abroad by owning a Travelex money card!

  1. Tip #3 – Basic over first class

Yes, we are talking about the flight tickets. Ask yourself whether you are in need to spend on overpriced air tickets for an air time that wouldn’t even last more than a few hours? You deserve luxury, but remember that the actual fun begins ‘after’ you arrive at your destination. Choose to spend on things that give you long term satisfaction rather than temporary extravagance. You can save further in this category by booking a flight that provides non-refundable air tickets. However, this involves a slight risk where your air ticket becomes redundant if you arrive late at the airport or if you are planning for a date change at the last moment.

  1. Tip #4 – Choice of destination

Planning to travel back in human history by visiting the pyramids? Or taking a gateway into nature’s beauty by touring the amazon jungle? Well, you have the right to choose your destination based on your taste and genre, but making your choice based on the right season to travel is quite important. For example, if you’re planning to head to the middle east, it’s highly advisable to plan your trip towards the end of year as temperatures reach as high as 50 C during day time. You don’t want to spend your days inside a hotel room, do you?


  1. Tip #5 – Travel at a time when others don’t

That’s right! Travelling during off peak seasons will run the smallest scissor through your pocket. There are regions around the world where economies rely heavily on the tourism sector. You will be surprised to learn how the hotel rates and charges for other activities take a dip during seasons when travelers are scarce. This is the best time to expect a stay in 5-star hotels or book private resorts for your family at dirt cheap prices. The same thing reflects on travel websites as weekends see the major rush in travel. As per research, you can expect a downward trend in hotel and flight rates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Avoid travelling on weekends or during local festivals as the demand for travelling reaches sky-high levels.


The notion of luxury travel being out of reach can be broken if you are wise enough to plan your trips based on the factors that are mentioned above. A little research and a bit of smartness is all you need to break this jinx!