10 Common Mistakes Any Airbnb Host Can Make

10 Common Mistakes Any Airbnb Host Can Make

By Inna Shevchenko

10 Common Mistakes Any Airbnb Host Can Make

Becoming an Airbnb Superhost without making mistakes does require some skill. In fact, more than 90% of Airbnb hosts do not maximize their occupancy rates efficiently. So, what are the mistakes that Airbnb hosts commonly make that prevent them from reaching their full potential?

1.A Badly Written Listing

It is vital that the Airbnb listing includes all the important info. For instance, the calendar should be up to date and prices should be reasonable for the neighborhood.

You have most likely spent considerable time (not to mention money) to ensure that your place is equipped with all the essential amenities. So, do not forget to include these amenities in your listing. What better way to show off all your amenities than by including a few photos?

It might be tempting to string together a few words quickly so that you can start welcoming your guests. Though, when you do not spend enough time ensuring that your listing is well written and complete, you will most likely not have any guests to welcome.

2. Poor on No Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Very few guests will be able to see your place in person. The photos that you include will be the only way that potential guests can find out if your place will suit their needs.

If you do not add any photos, you will probably not get any bookings. Though, don’t just snap a few shots and think you will now receive bookings. Bad photos mean bad occupancy. So, rather get a pro to take the photos for your listing. As a matter of fact, in most cities Airbnb provides photography services to Airbnb hosts free of charge.

3. No Pricing Strategy



One of the biggest blunders is to charge the same price. At certain times you will have to increase your price. Holidays, weekends and other events will call for a higher price. Also, you might find that certain months also call for higher pricing to ensure that you remain competitive. So, ensure that you change your Airbnb pricing on a regular basis.  

4. Failing To Research Your Competitors



Just like with any business, you will have to know what your competition is offering. Find out how you stack up to your competition and put that info to good use by ensuring that you are better. The grass does not have to be greener on the other side. What do your competitors do that their guests take great pleasure in? There’s nothing stopping you from doing it too and adding your own twist to it.

5. Not Making Use Of Filters



Filters are extremely handy! When you use Airbnb filters, you literally get to control your booking rate. Ensure that you do not get any inefficient bookings by setting a minimum three-day stay for weekends.

6. Not Being Prepared



The chances are good that your guests might have driven quite far. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong that could spoil their entire holiday. Always be prepared for guests’ arrival by double-checking every single thing well in advance. Also, ensure that there is a backup plan in place.

7. Not Being Friendly And Welcoming



Hospitality is the key to being successful in the short-term rental business. Always reply promptly. Though, it is of no use if you reply in a flash, but your messages are unclear.

How about welcoming your guests with a personalized welcome card? After all, first impressions can be lasting.

8. Not Offering A Few Perks

A great way to guarantee that your guests will have a great time and possibly even return is to include a free gift. Why not surprise your guests with a fruit basket or a bottle of wine? Ultimately you want to ensure that your listing stands out. Why settle for being just another Airbnb host when you can be a Superhost?

9. Not Requesting Reviews

When you politely ask your guests to leave a review, the chances are much better that they will take the time to post it. Also, when your guests enjoyed their stay, the chances are even better that they will give you a five-star rating. So, go that extra mile and ensure that your guests have a memorable stay.

10. Doing Everything On Your Own

There are various tasks that Airbnb hosts can outsource! When you make the wise decision to outsource certain responsibilities to help with your Airbnb management not only will you have less stress, but you will also receive a professional service in return.

These 10 mistakes are by no means the only mistakes that Airbnb hosts typically make. With these Airbnb tips, you are well on your way to getting more bookings and becoming a Superhost.


Author Bio: Inna Shevchenko is marketing manager at AirGMS, a Airbnb management software company. https://www.airgms.com  

Email: eli@powerfuloutreach.com

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