10 Dreamiest Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

10 Dreamiest Honeymoon Destinations in Australia

By Chloe Smith

So far away from the rest of the world, Australia has been blessed with some of the most stunning landscapes you can imagine. It offers a great range of natural features from tropical paradises to mountains covered in snow. Australia’s young couples are blessed that they do not have to go far for a perfect honeymoon. Here are only a couple of romantic destinations Australia has to offer.

Fraser Island

A beautiful, colorful prospect located off the southern coast of Queensland offers a variety of activities. Nature and wildlife are breathtaking. In their own words, it is the only place on Earth where rainforests grow on sand. Apart from the sand dunes, beautiful beaches, and rainforests, you can also find a number of freshwater lakes. The accommodation offered on the island is plentiful and there are organized tours you can take.

Pixabay Fraser Island

The Great Barrier Reef – Pixabay

The Great Barrier Reef

This is one of Australia’s brightest Jewels. The Great Barrier Reef is located along the coast of QLD and it is the world’s largest coral reef and one of the seven world’s natural wonders. The reef is a home to thriving marine life. This is precisely the reason why it is a highly desirable destination for divers. There are a couple of beautiful towns you can stay at in order to explore the reef such as Mackay, Cairns, Rockhampton etc. Also, there are islands within the reef you can choose for even a more exotic holiday where Lizard Island and Hayman Island are among the most romantic ones.

Scenic Rim

We are still in QLD but looking for some inland entertainment. It is a group of mountain ranges covered in forests. Scenic Rima is a paradise for hikers. It offers a variety of bird life within a number of national parks. You cannot go deep sea diving but there is an abundance of activities, there is something for everyone. You can tale hiking tours or hot air balloon tours, you can go fishing, paragliding etc. Some of the cottages available for accommodation are fairytale-like and the quality of food and wine can satisfy anyone’s taste.


Moving away from Queensland for a bit to visit the beauties of Western Australia. Kimberly is a north region of Western Australia covered in gorges, ranges, and water holes. It is an ancient piece of landscape lightly populated and preserved as a natural wonder. Some of the things you have to visit are waterfalls, El Questro park of wilderness, visit a town called Broome, cruise the coast or take their famous river road. Kimberly is particularly well suited for those honeymooners who prefer road trips although there are luxury rooms you can stay at.

Perth – Pixabay


The capital of Western Australia, far away from everyone but luckily on the coastline of the Indian Ocean offers a bit of everything. It is a surfer’s paradise and it has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. You can take a day-trip to Rottnest Island which is a natural reserve worth your time. On the other hand, you can visit a Brook Valley Reserve, ideal for hikers, including the trails suitable for wheelchair users. The city itself is very modern and lively and you can organize your days to see and do a bit of everything. G1 Property Mooloolaba suggests that renting a unit rather than a hotel room, for longer urban holidays can offer you more privacy and turn out to be much cheaper even if the unit you choose is luxurious.

Melbourne – Pixabay


Another capital, but this time of Victoria. Melbourne is quite unique with its people and architecture. The city offers a variety of culture and entertainment. Again, you can enjoy the beaches but also visit national parks surrounding the town. Yarra Valley lies not far away from the city and you can enjoy the view by touring it in a hot air balloon. The Valley is covered in vineyards so it is a wine route.  Visiting Sovereign Hill will offer you a unique trip through time and you will be able to experience the gold rushes of the 1850’s.

Snowy Mountains

The Snowies – Pixabay

The Snowies are your top destination for a winter honeymoon quiet unlike the most of Australia. They are located in the south of New South Wales. You can visit ski resorts and enjoy winter sports. It is another popular hiking destination. If you would like to warm up and stay indoors you can enjoy spa treatments as well as tasty food.  If you are fans of horses, you can go horseback riding.

Tasmania / Pixabay


An isolated Island-state, whose almost entire surface is named a national park or a reserve. One of the most famous tourist attractions is Port Arthur, a penal settlement from the 19th century which is now a museum. While enjoying the Tasmanian landscape, you can engage in a number of different activities, visit cultural and arts events, do extreme sports or simply relax and gaze at stars.

Daintree rainforest

Once again, we are back in Queensland, this time visiting a stunning area covered in rainforest. It is located fairly close to Cairns. For those tired of hiking, there are also beaches you can visit nearby. While surrounded by a beauty of wildlife and plants, you can choose to stay at one of the luxury holiday homes offered and relax with your partner.

The Whitsundays – Pixabay

The Whitsundays

This is a collection of 74 islands. Again, we are embarking on a trip between north Queensland coast and the Great Barrier Reef area. You can swim, sunbathe, hike, take a cruise, and enjoy the nature. Only several islands are populated but those that are have great accommodation offers.


As you were able to see above, when you are surrounded by breathtaking nature, everything seems like a fairytale. Whichever location you choose for your holiday will be the perfect one and you will have wonderful hosts to offer you the luxuries and pamper you with spa or dinner on the beach.

Image credits: https://unsplash.com/photos/JgEtmgOjoew

Chloe Smith

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