Baja California Keeps Drawing Me Back

Baja California Keeps Drawing Me Back

Something keeps bringing me back to Baja California. As a travel writer I enjoy discovering new places in the world. Yet, my most memorable journey in the past year was close to my own back yard.

IFWTWA wine tour in Baja California

During the autumn harvest our group of seven food and wine lovers from IFWTWA (International Food Wine Travel & Writers Association) explored the Valle de Guadeloupe in Baja, California for several inspiring days in the warm sunshine.

Fortunately we were offered the expert services of an excellent local guide and driver from the Ministry of Tourism of Baja, California.

We all enjoyed this popular cafe where the food is lovingly made from scratch. Although it was down a winding, back, dirt road, Dona’s cafe was filled with locals and hungry travelers.

Homemade cuisine at Dona Esthela’s

Homemade breakfast breads at Dona Esthela’s outdoor ovens.

Gerardo’s first hand knowledge of the people and places were exceptional. We received a warm welcome from every place we visited. Although I had experienced this vibrant valley before, I had missed some of the unique inns, vineyards, and authentic Mexican restaurants.

A smooth Sauvignon Blanc with lunch

Our group enjoyed learning the history and methods of growing grapes in Baja California.

We discovered excellent local wines at Adobe Guadeloupe’s vineyard and winery. Many wines cannot be found outside of the Valle.

We discovered excellent local wines at Adobe Guadeloupe’s vineyard and winery. Many wines cannot be found outside of the Valle.

There is a serenity about the Adobe Guadeloupe that brought us to this quiet courtyard after a busy day exploring vineyards and hidden gems.

Adobe Guadalupe Courtyard

Our journey to the valley was a breeze from the San Diego border with spectacular scenery along the shore to Ensenada, through lush green hills and unspoiled villages.

Our generous beer flight at the delightful Agua Mala brewery in Ensenada. After a busy day exploring Ensenada the unique local draft beerwas a cool treat.

Agua Mala Brewery

What draws me back is the gracious people, ideal climate, fine wines, small boutique hotels, and organic farms for authentic Mexican cuisine.

I have also travelled to Baja by taking the trolley from Old Town San Diego to the border in Tijuana, and walking a short distance to the modern bus that travels to Ensenada, with a few stops along the way.

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  1. Lynn La Vita says:

    Hola Mi Amiga,

    Your excellent photos and article make me want to drop everything and go to Guadeloupe valley & sample their wines.

    Guadeloupe winery’s produced some of the world’s best.

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