Mixologist Adam Seger of The Tuck Room will be crafting specialty Halloween cocktails all night including the Zombie, Dead Man Walking, Corpse Reviver #13 and more. While Chef Sherry Yard created a spooky, Halloween themed food menu. 

Creepy Olde Fashioned Recipe

Heizenberg Fig and Black Walnut Rye, Maple, Hand Stabbed Ice, Grasshopper Bitters

·         Chill a rocks glass with ice.

·         Discard ice and put as large an ice cube(s) as possible

·         Add 2oz Infused Rye

·         Add 2 barspoons (1 tsp) Maple Syrup

·         Stir a dozen times

·         Finish with 5 drops Critter Bitters

NOTE: Infuse overnight a 750ml bottle Five & 20 NY Rye with 1/2 cup each of Crushed Black Walnuts and Sliced Figs – strain and discard solids.


Dia de la Muerte Recipe

Black Lime infused Pelotón de la Muerte Mezcal, Black Salt, Blood Orange Sour

·         2oz Infused Pelotón de la Muerte Artisan Mezcal

·         1oz Blood Orange Juice (or 1/2oz Blood Orange Puree)

·         .5oz Lime

·         .5oz Agave

·         Shake and strain into a Black Salt rimmed ice filled rocks glass

NOTE: Infuse 750ml bottle of Mezcal overnight with the zest of 7 limes of 3 crushed black limes. Black Salt is a black lava Salt from Hawaii – tastes like a beautiful mineral salt.

Thanks to Adam for sharing these cocktail recipes.