How to Add More Personality to Your Home with Fabulous Exterior Lighting?

How to Add More Personality to Your Home with Fabulous Exterior Lighting?

By Charlie Brown

Outdoor accent lights are the only magic you need to transform your humble abode into a fine specimen of lavish architecture. Garden and yard lighting can change a simple looking, small home into a fairytale castle with minimal cost and effort. Outdoor landscape lighting is a considerably traditional and old concept. Adding bits of accent lighting to highlight unique features can change the way your house looks.

Layering it up

Adding layers of light to your home is one way to make it look luxurious. The idea is to make your garden and yard look just as beautiful at night as it does during the day. A smart combination of ambient lightning and task lighting can give you an ideal look your house deserves. Outdoor accent lighting includes strip lights, spotlights and water feature lights that can accentuate the trees, sitting areas, garden sections, shrubbery and guide people through the garden paths.

Home with Fabulous Exterior Lighting

Add more drama with the lights

A considerable part of outdoor landscaping is outdoor lighting. You can easily add excitement to your front yard, back yard, garden, and patio by making use of a variety of accent lights. Just highlighting different decorative walls and pillars, can uplight the natural textures of your home. It includes the texture of your tree trunks, the foliage of your shrubs and your trees and the outline of the garden sections. You can easily uplift a simple garden bed by using cheap rope lights that are both durable and resistant to water. You can easily hold the rope lights in place using land staples for illuminating your garden bed with a hidden glow.

Let the lights guide you home

Always remember to put the brighter lights in the front of the house. You need to be able to guide the visitors to the house safely. It includes lights to guide the garden path and more lights to accentuate the stairs that lead to the main door. Always illuminate the stairs and other areas that can be hazardous without 100% visibility. If you are unsure as to how to mingle the lighting fixtures with your home architecture, you can take help from a professional landscape artist. Sometimes we miss out apparent features that deserve accent lighting, and professionals can help us recognize these characteristics of our homes and help us highlight them in a budget-friendly way.

Light up the exterior

If you have a deck or a patio, you must think about wall-mount down-lights that cast a gentle yet warm glow, perfect for the outdoor living spaces. You can use warmer lights to accentuate stone facades and crude wood walls commonly seen on patios and decks. Outdoor light fixtures undergo a lot more stress than indoor lighting fixtures. While installing outdoor lighting, always leave room for maintenance and repairs. If you want to add a sense of security to all the beauty the outdoor accent lights bring, go for motion sensor activated lights.

Outdoor lighting serves a lot of purposes. Aside from elevating the beauty of a home, they can also make a landscape look more safe and secure. If you have kids or pets, insulated motion-activated lighting is many options for your gardens and yards.


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