How To Create a Successful Instagram Campaign and Drive Traffic For Your Fashion Website?

How To Create a Successful Instagram Campaign and Drive Traffic For Your Fashion Website?

By Harris Scott

Instagram is a major hit when it comes to pictures and sharing them online. You can use Instagram for both personal and professional reasons. There are above two hundred million people that use Instagram for their businesses today. When it comes to fashion, you will find that both models and designers are showcasing their best looks on the website. On an average, there are millions of photographs that are shared online daily. If you are in the fashion business and wish to become an Instagram hit with your campaign, the following three tips will surely help you.

1. Establish your brand on all social media accounts- In case you wish to have a strong fan following on Instagram, it is important for you to have a presence on primary social media accounts. Here, the first step that you need to do is brand yourself. The trick here is to narrow down the choices that you have and examine the platforms that meet your needs.

When you are establishing your brand on social media platforms, it is prudent for you to use the same profile photo across all social media platforms. This will help users and visitors to identify you fast. If you are the owner of a website or blog on fashion, always include the links in the “About Me” section in all of your social media profiles. You should write a brief but sweet description of who you are and what your followers would like to you on your social media account.

Some rich description could be “Personal stylist with a passion for lipsticks” or “Fashion designer with an addiction for colors” etc. Once you have written your short description, you can start to add photos on your Instagram profile with success. In a nutshell, you start to tell your stories through photographs.

2. Make use of hashtags and connect with major fashion brands- Hashtags are used on Instagram in a big way. As per Mashable, hashtags were suggested by a web developer by the name of Chris Messina. He suggested that the micro-blogging platform Twitter should start to group topics on social media platforms using the hash symbol. In the beginning, Twitter rejected his suggestion, and the idea did not become popular till a group of journalists started to use the hash symbol for reporting the breaking news of the day. Gradually the popularity of hashtags started to grow, and now major social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr use the hashtag extensively.

When you are creating a post on social media platforms with hashtags, it is important for you to ensure that you use the symbol with the right words. It is important for you to note that you should not go overboard with the use of too many hashtags. Some users go to the extent of using over a dozen hashtags in a single post. Do not make the post look like spam. It is important for you to keep it short and straightforward. It is suggested that you should use one to three hashtags that add valuable context to your post. This will also increase the number of Instagram followers to your post.

At the same time, you should not make the mistake of just including hashtags in the caption of your post. You can also create a brand hashtag like Coach- leading manufacturer of designer handbags. If you search for #MyFirstCoach on Instagram, there are approximately 1712 posts on leather wallets, designer handbags, stylish shoes, and watches. With the use of hashtags, users of Instagram you can share photos with followers of this brand. The leading brand Coach also has dedicated a page on its website for photographs that are tagged with the hashtag. It is a win-win situation for the brand and the user.

3. Start Taking Pictures That Talk- No matter what you are, it is important for you to start clicking pictures that communicate and tell a story. The essence here is to relate and connect with the feelings of the visitor. Instagram is indeed the ideal place for you to share your fashion products and accessories to your targeted audience. However, when you are planning to create a successful fashion campaign with Instagram, it is important for you to create a strategy or a plan first.

You should not just walk into a place and start to click pictures with your smartphone. The trick here is to carefully plan your posts and make sure that the pieces you place with complement each other. Remember you are sharing your photos with the rest of the world. When you are taking pictures of your Instagram account, it is important for you to use your sense of fashion to a large extent.

Your goal should make sure that your followers get inspired and double tap to like your posts. For instance, in the fashion world, Italy is home to most iconic brands in the niche. It has successful Instagram users. You can check their campaigns and gain insight when it comes to creating effective campaigns for your brand. You can connect brands with hashtags and mentions with your posts. This primarily helps you to create a powerful Instagram campaign for your fashion house.

Therefore, if you wish to be famous in the field of fashion, it is important for you to keep the above tips and suggestions in mind. With the right inspiration and techniques, you can create a powerful Instagram campaign for your fashion house. Take time and search the Instagram profile of iconic fashion houses as suggested above. In this way, you effectively can get an idea on how to frame your posts and publish them online. Be regular with your posts and ensure that you use a good camera with high resolution. In this way, you effectively can create a powerful Instagram campaign for your fashion house with success!


Author: Harris Scott

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